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ONLINE PRESS, BLOGS AND COMMENTS        The Tribal Goddess; Photo by George Pimental

2012 - 2013 - 2014


"There is something very raw about these pieces that may not even fit with fashion." The Star


"I saw the pieces and they are stunning as usual. We of course have nothing else like it so they will be stand-out for sure. Many thanks again! Your generosity over the years now has been incredible!   Big thanks again, Bridgepoint Foundation"


"First of all Dandi, I was looking at Toronto Life Fashion and in the spread on grey I found myself so taken by the earrings.  They were of course yours!  Bravo!"    Charlotte, Toronto


"A subversively seductive sex appeal. The thrill of the hunt. Every woman has an edge, but only some have thorns. These are just some of the phrases that inspired designers Kirk Pickersgill and Stephen Wong to mix fur and fluid fabrics with sharply cut leather and over-sized accessories for their Greta Constantine Fall 2013 collection." Flare magazine




"A mix of rugged Dandi Maestre tribal-inspired pieces thrown in with aplomb. Inspired by four words

—savage, tribal, psychological romance—"  Front Raw magazine



"Greta Constantine’s Kirk Pickersgill and Stephen Wong mixed sharply cut fabrics with oversized tribal accessories
to outfit the urban warrior for Fall 2013"  Flare magazine


"(Mad love for the jewellery by Dandi Maestre, too.)  Toronto Standard


"SUBVERSIVELY SEDUCTIVE Subversively Seductive: Greta Constantine Fall/Winter 2013"   Itsallstyletome


"These are stunning! When are you coming to London?"  Catherine


"the show was spectacular, your pieces delivered high fashion impact, as they always do. It was a wonderful evening, sorry you missed it. The boys certainly know how to bring it. Still loving my bracelet and getting lots of complements."   Wendy


"WANT.WANT.WANT.WANT.LOVE. LOVE. LOVE!” is what I overheard when the don’t-fuck-with-me six-foot models stormed out.
The skulls hanging from their necks and animal bones on their backs made them extra fierce. And almost scary.
But sexy scary. RAWR.” 


"The work looks great!. "   Sonja


"Dandi Maestre created these amazing animal skull necklaces that are yelling at me loudly to acquire one – immediately!"     Leslie Scott


“I love my new ring.... Yes i do feel the energy...THANK.U”   Nancy,  Toronto


"Divino, love it"  Diana, Italy


"Oh, and dying over the fierce jewel art by Dandi Maestre. "  Real Life Runways blog


"Greta Constantine’s latest collection is a compilation of geometric shapes, vibrant and subdued hues with oversized accessories; full length gowns in electric green, white and navy are my favourite pieces showing a maturity becoming more evident as the Wong and Pickersgill continues to experiment with different types of fabric and structured silhouettes."   The souls of my shoes blog


"WOW.... that is just GORGEOUS!  Wow, love it!!   Lana, Toronto


"This is absolutely stellar, Dandi!!  Your collection is truly one of kind just like you! Each piece screams originality, strength and beauty. Again just like you !" Luisa


“God, really gorgeous.”  Ellen, Toronto


"I just clicked on the photos. They are beyond awesome. You just keep surpassing yourself. You are a genius.  I am  proud to know you and wear your designs."'  Rita


"Striking! Beautiful contrasts. Congrats"   Christine


"So glad to see your new pieces. Miss the time working with you and enjoy your designs. All the best to whatever you do."   Adam, London


“I'm in need of a "Dandi fix" soon.”  W


"Very exciting work."  Suzanne, United States


I saw an old friend yesterday for the first time in a decade and she was swathed in your stuff and I LOVED IT. Rita Zekas is a good ambassador, I am now a fan and am choosing my first purchase. The large horn? Amber? The circles necklace? All?”    Tracy, Toronto


Wow amazing ! Some incredible statement pieces Dandi!  The Gretas are lucky to dress up their clothing like this.”   Anna, Miami


"A sense of tribal” Stephen Wong


“Hi Dandi! The evening was AMAZING and the accessories were FABULOUS!! People were dying for every piece.” Kirk – Greta Constantine’s soul


“I keep looking at my beautiful Dandi masterpiece, I can't believe I am the proud owner. Thank you Dandi, I absolutely love it!”  Ann Marie, Toronto


“I fell in love with your jewelry line at your store on Huron St and I have been waiting for an opportunity to collaborate in some fashion!”  Chinedu Ukabam


"Is this Jewelry, Art, Sculpture? It's Dandi Maestre. Enjoy!


"Thanks so much for your donations, they were a HIT! The bids kept on going up! Lots of teachers took your cards and LOVED your pieces and so do i! We raised 3 thousand dollars for JULIA's FUND at Sick Kids and it was an awesome day for Julia and the entire school! Thanks a million Dandi"    Lana, Toronto


"Stacey bought 3 pairs of earrings, she loooovvvvves them and looks amazing wearing them.!!!   Anna, Miami


"Your jewerly is ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!!!"   Velma, United States


"The pieces are amazing!!!!!!!!"   Capretto Shoes store, Miami


"Customer finally came today and she liked the 2 bracelets you sent!!! Sorry for the confusion!!
Sold another piece of yours today......the FAB necklace with the horn and beads!   Thanks,   Brenda,  United States


"This amazingly wonderful necklace just arrived!    Thank you!"             Robin, United States


"Every time I see u I'm left feeling empowered and more content in who I am and who I"ve become.... thank you for always giving me that
and for being you..... I love my new bracelet."   Nancy

y new bracelet....

"I need to get a new ring. EVERYONE goes crazy with mine."  Rita





EVIL MONITO.COM   Online editorial
Scarves of Paradise
Scarf: Juma;   Earrings, ring, bone bracelet: Dandi Maestre
Photographer: Dwayne Evan


"The earrings arrived yesterday. They are fabulous."  Brenda, New York


"Your pieces are more and more architectural. Have fun"    Anna


"Have a great show, the photo and pieces look great!"      Sonja


"I just got home from a trip to find the amazing rings.  Many thanks.  I love them.   Aloha,   Sanne, Hawaii


"I'm very excited about receiving the pieces.  Your work is extraordinary!        Hawaii


"Doing a great great job!  Best,"    Claudia, Berlin


"The Wonderful Raw Beauty of Nature Gets Channeled into Kickass Jewelry
The Japanese design philosophy wabi sabi - based on the threefold idea that nothing lasts, is perfect, or for that matter, is ever finished - is at the heart of Dandi Maestre's organic jewelry & accessories which are crafted by hand from elements found in rivers, on shores & in jungles and forests. "I incorporate these shapes in my designs and make very large extreme pieces with a natural look and a flowing and curving appearance, with a minimum of industrial processes, notes the designer, who typically works in a wide variety of found materials, including bone, driftwood, amber, antlers that have been shed, coconuts, bull horns, seed, rough gemstones, skulls, shells and crocodile skins. "I aim to elevate organic elements, their natural color and textures to a new level of sophistication."          FashionTribes blog




"Dandi Maestre en las revistas Elle y Fashion   La diseñadora Colombiana sigue llenando las páginas de las revistas internacionales con sus fabulosos accesorios orgánicos!  TuTrend



"Lovin' this "Raw" collection of handmade antler & bone jewelry by Dandi Maestre ?#fashion?        Fashion Tribes


"Loving it Dandi ! I was wearing your dangling blue Las Vegas-y earings the other day in ROme, and thought of you,  take care xxxxxxxxxxx"  Switzerland


"What a great shot. Your stuff looks fantastic!!! Con-graduations!!!"      Penelope


"Very impressive work Dandi !    xoxo"     Ula. Toronto


"You are brilliant, Dandi!"    Luisa, Toronto


"Congrats Dandi - Looks fantastic! Hope all is well :)      Alison

"e! and love the new site! ;)"       Sheri, Toronto


"Wow Dandi! Everything is absolutely stunning! The whole 9-page editorial! Great creative team! Congrats! Time to up your prices : )"  xox France, Boston


"Love u photos!"   Eileen, Toronto


Fashion magazine - Raffia and straw, wood and bone, untamed prints and earth tones give summer a tribal beat


March - April 2012

No Man’s Land   ‘No Man’s Land’ exclusively features exquisite handcrafted jewelry from designer Dandi Maestre. Dandi launched her eponymous jewelry collection in 2006 when she was inspired to create pieces that connect us closely with the natural world. Reshaping organic and raw materials in ways that uphold their natural beauty, Dandi is influenced by her global travels as well as her deep respect for indigenous cultures.

“I believe in individuality. I am inspired by organic materials as they speak to me. It is all about the experimental. I design extreme objects; bold and beautiful pieces of sculpture that create breathtaking statements.” – Dandi


What are the three things that inspire you most as a designer?

Dandi: Culture, knowledge, and movies inspire me all the time.

What do you think makes your jewelry unique?

Dandi: My designs are original, but most especially, they are totally real.

Where do you find the inspiration for your collections and/or pieces?

Dandi: I get inspired by the materials that I work with; their roughness, mostly. And then I try to respect their own souls. Somehow, a special design comes out after a lot of experimenting.

What is one of your most memorable experiences in relation to your jewelry business?

Dandi: It is always memorable finding people who understand my designs and somehow understand me. It makes me feel very excited when I'm working on new pieces everyday.

Is there a piece from your most recent designs that you particularly love?

Dandi: I really love my oversized horn rings. You feel like you have some special energy when you have them on.

What do you consider to be the most fulfilling part of your work?

Dandi: I enjoy being able to do only things that I believe in. Doing one-of-a-kind pieces is exciting every time.

What message do you aim to communicate through your designs?

Dandi: We all live on the same planet, but we should all be original and unique.

This week, our focus is “Concrete Jungle”. How do you interpret this phrase?

Dandi: Let’s not be constrained by the concrete jungle or the rules around us. Let's just live freely inside all the time!

Your personal mantra is…

Dandi: Be happy and let everybody have their own space."    Interview at


"9 Canadian Online stores: Best Canadian Online Retailers- TheCode Toronto - Buzz Factor: The accessories-only site specializes in handbags, jewellery and artful extras from Canadian designers and hard-to-find international names. Dandi Maestre and Noir are two of the lines carried, as well as Ela handbags, whose M.I.L.C.K. clutch is an editor favorite."   Flare magazine


"6 stores to find swimwear (bathing suits) in Toronto - Swimwear season in Toronto is fast approaching. For the optimists who truly believe that the time to wear bathing suits is right around the corner, here are six stores (that aren't Bikini Village) to find swimwear in Toronto.  Fragola - Fragola carries a hand-picked collection of designer swimwear and accessories, some even by local designers. Brands include Jantzen, Bandita Couture, Dandi Maestre, Aubade Paris, and Flora Bella."   Sabrina,


"Local designer love! All the jewelry in this week's homepage photos comes to us from incredible Toronto designer DANDI MAESTRE."


"Lo stile tribal-chic di Dandi Maestre     - dialogo con il mondo naturale quello di Dandi Maestre, la designer di Bogotà che vive a Toronto, i cui gioielli sono l’espressione personale delle passioni della sua creatrice. Forme organiche dai contorni imperfetti, ricavati da materiali esotici (osso, ambra, cocco, semi, bacche, frutta essiccata, fibre naturali, pietre, pelle, legno), raccolti nella foresta, lungo il corso di un fiume, nella giungla. L’origine di provenienza, non fa che aggiungere fascino a questi monili dalle forme estreme, grandi e particolari, realizzati a mano con il minimo di processo industriale, così da mantenere la bellezza grezza dei materiali e arrecare il minor danno possibile all’ambiente."  Comme una Gazza Ladra



   "Gorgeous stones from the earth"      Il Mare Atelier


February 2012

"Oh my god, it's beautiful...  Thank you"   J., Brooklyn, NY (after receiving their new antler bracelet by mail)


January 2012

Nature Trend: Wood  There is something about wood, that I just love. The undulating lines and concentric curves that give rise to an eternal pattern book of ideas alongside the smell of freshly chopped wood is enough to arouse my senses. When it comes to jewellery, wrist wear is where it’s at for maximum grain effect. So if like me you have a penchant for stacking, then show a bit of cuff love with any of these natural wonders .  
Another favourite are these
Petrified wood cuffs by Toronto based designer, Dandi Maestre, the raw appeal of the petrified wood is s showstopper!    Adorn London


November - December 2011

" Elle magazine -  New Year's Eve accessories: Necklaces   Elevate your LBD with chic chains and colourful beads -
  Dandi Maestre Open horns circle necklace"    Elle magazine




"Roundup: The Best Things I Found Online Today When I Was Wasting Time Instead of Getting Work Done.    JEWELRY   If I’m daydreaming, as I was today, and my heart is pulled in the direction of dangling bits and bobs and beautiful things, I go to my two favourite artists/jewelry geniuses’ most recent lookbooks. Maryam Keyhani and Dandi Maestre. Both came from afar (Tehran and Bogota, respectively) but somehow Toronto seduced them and now we’re lucky enough to have them both based here. Now, if only I could scrounge up the wee fortunes needed to buy up their entire collections."     Marni Van Dyk blog


"Get your glam on when you shop this Christmas - Give the people on your list some Hollywood glitz    Roast chestnuts on an open fire if you must, but you don’t have to be dowdy this Christmas in flannel PJS and slippers with cute and fuzzy reindeer faces. How about some Hollywood glamour for those on your gift list? And now to accessorize it all: Dandi Maestre, 386 Huron Ave., makes one-of-a-kind jewellery, art pieces and accessories from organic materials like shed antlers, bull horn, rough amber and reclaimed wood. A show-stopping sculptured cuff made of horn and metal is $450 and a crocodile clutch bag, available in a multitude of colours, is perfect for accommodating all those red-carpet essentials like double-sided tape for that dress cut down to whoops!  If none of this Hollywood glam-gifting works for you, you can always buy two goats for a deserving family in Cambodia. That’s what Angelina Jolie would do."         Rita Zekas, The Star



"Dandi Maestre’s pop-up store   Jewellery designer Dandi Maestre’s pop-up store closes at the end of this month. So before it does, take a look at the Amazon rings, carved from the sustainable tagua nut, which are on sale for $65 and come in lime, turquoise, dark pink, purple and blue.
Dandi Maestre, 386 Huron Street. 416-948-2040. 10am – 3pm."                    The Grid, Toronto



"Dandi Maestre has once again created a visually stunning lookbook for the Spring Summer 2012 collection. Her photos are always very colourful with a wonderful cast of characters with interesting faces. Dandi is one of my favourite Toronto jewellery designers. Her pieces are handmade in Canada and use organic materials such as antlers, bull horn, rough amber and emeralds, reclaimed wood, natural seeds and nuts, elements found on shores, in rivers, jungles and forests."   Anita, I want I got



"Dandi Maestre Jewelry: Luxury of the Raw & Exotic   Toronto is proud to be home to one of the boldest jewelry and accessories designers in the biz. Hailing from Bogota, Colombia, Dandi Maestre draws her inspiration from nature and indigenous cultures, creating pieces that dare to be loud, extreme and imperfect.  more  Julia Parfenyuk, Dress to Kill magazine


"Dandi Maestre at LeBook"


Fantastic, great feature!     Best Wishes,  Louise, Not Just a Label


"Toronto jewellery designer Dandi Maestre has launched Raw 2012, a collection inspired by raw beauty. “The raw beauty I find in people and nature inspires my new sculptural pieces. I see my work as artwork, where there isn’t anything too outrageous. I believe in uniqueness. Nature is unique, and so are my designs, each one of a kind, individual and raw. Beauty is in all of us and I want to make people feel this. My work is all about texture and imperfection, just as us.”   The Inspiration Room


"Sculptural Jewellery by Dandi Maestre November 24, 2011 8 hours, 40 minutes ago

The Trend Boutique have already started to see early directions of our Spring Summer 2012 'Intense' trend coming through, and some of Dandi Maestre's sculptural jewellery pieces take this Argentinian spirit with their South American feel, inspired from her travels.
"I believe in individuality. I am inspired by organic materials as they speak to me. It is all about the experimental. I design extreme objects, bold and beautiful, pieces of sculpture rather than jewellery that create breathtaking statements." 
The Trend Boutique






"Raw Jewelry  - November 21st, 2011    “The raw beauty I find in people and nature inspires my new sculptural pieces. I see my work as artwork, where there isn’t anything too outrageous.” Dandi Maestre     Extreme jewelry – outstanding photography! RAW 2012 by Dandi Maestre   The Latest Story blog


"Modeling Debut with Dandi Maestre Raw 2012"  Cool blog of Nancy, one of my models in my latest lookbook Raw 2012.


"They look awesome. i have had such great responses and sooo many people loving your work! i have blogged them today with your website link so all looks well!  thanks! hope you are doing well and loads of orders are coming your way!
thanks again it meant the world to me! i feel sooo special!"   Nancy, Toronto


"Están lindísimas las fotos y se lucen mucho tus cosas, en especial el anillo. Te felicito!!!"       Patri, Colombia


"Speechless!  My eyes filled up!    Its inspiring.....You are Brilliant....a true artist"    Lorain, New York


“Wow!  They’re wonderful, All the photos are great.” Cheryl


Wow wow wow an absolute HONOUR thank u love every pic and every piece u have designed.  Your writing is fantastic also thanks again when done let me know and I will tweet and blog it. Thanks again.”  Nancy


The look book looks amazing!!!!  Great job on putting it all together!”  Joe


This is FABULOUS!! So impactful.  I was with Tara when you sent it and she absolutely LOVED it.  The pieces show up so well.”  Grace


Wow! Dandi thank you for sharing! Under the white masks I recognize the models....:) Made me smile.....and the beautiful surprise at the end with Ana! She is beautiful...and raw. Love the powerful beginning with the green grass up close. So many cool pieces as always, I would not know what to select. Love the new layered horn cuff! Still get a buzz seeing your pieces, never fails. Congratulations.”  Anna


 "Dandi queridísima, no puedo sino exclamar wuauuu, me encanta!! Cada pieza, cada nueva versión de los objetos que usas, las fotografias, el maquillaje, realmente no paras de sorprenderme. Te felicito”  Fina, Peru


It’s beautiful, congratulations!”   Julia Simon – NY


Hello lovely Dandi ! thank you so much for sending me your lookbook. I LOVE IT !!!! but of course now I am so very frustrated because half of the precious things on it are not on your website ! plus I realise how much I miss out by leaving here, I can't pop in anymore just to buy a couple of pieces... so I am living on my stock... PLEASE PLEASE update your online shop with the current pieces, think of your faraway faithful clients :)"       Corinne, France


BRAVO!! Dandi you truly have the ability to see beauty, in the heart and soul of those who our in our lives.  Thank you for sharing and reminding me how my life is so beautiful xox Luisa xox


hasta hoy veo tu colección que como siempre encuentro bellísima…Que comentarios te puedo decir? Me encanta pero ya sabes que contigo no soy imparcial…”      Polly, Madrid


"FASHION HANDMADE Дизайнер аксессуаров Dandi Maestre создает диалог с миром природы используя материалы для своей ручной работы которые она находит на берегах рек, в джунглях, в лесу. "    Addeelia blog


"A few months ago I was asked to participate in a shoot for the Oceana Ball and magazine. Oceana magazine is the first national charity-based periodical, exhibiting 13 original pieces of art by Canadian photographers and designers who were teamed up with each other. For our shoot Lily and Lilac were paired with Canadian designer Sunny Fong for Vawk. The accessories used are by Dandi Maestre, Remix, and KC Hats. Photography Lily and Lilac. Styling Nadia Pizzimenti (Judy INC). Model Rochelle (Next)    Nadia, The Unemployed Stylist



"It was very nice seeing you again and your beautiful store."      Lily, Toronto


"Saidah Baba Talibah will be premiering the music video for 'So Cool,' the second single off her debut album "(S)Cream" on AOL Spinner. Directed by Charles Wahl, "So Cool" explores the erotic, sexy, and edgy elements of being in a dysfunctional relationship. "It was such a pleasure working with Charles Wahl, his vision was so clear and he captured the sensuality, strength, vulnerability and the assurance within the song," said Saidah. Saidah and her band, the solRawkestra, deliver a strong intense performance in the video. Saidah's love interest is played by actor Adrian Holmes who's currently filming "Elysium" opposite Matt Damon and Jodie Foster. Of working with Saidah, Holmes said, "Saidah Baba Talibah is a very real and raw artist, with a true sense of originality. I had a great time collaborating with Saidah as artists telling a dynamic, compelling story." For the wardrobe and accessories featured in the video Saidah brought in green/sustainable fashion designer Sonja den Elzen, from Thieves and jewelry designer Dandi Maestre."


"HOT GOSSIP; Pan Am star Christina Ricci sported local accessory designer Dandi Maestre’s pink shell geometric drop earrings ($125) on the cover of Nylon’s September issue. Available at Dandi Maestre (386 Huron, 416-948-2040, #ANX)."  The Grid, Oct. 20, 2011


"September Issue Style, The Month’s Best & Worst Covers -BEST COVERS: Christina Ricci has been making a major comeback in the style scene and this print heavy wide-eyed Nylon cover suits her (and the mag) well." Amy,  MyFDB Blog


"dandi what an adorable store!!!"     Jessica, New York


"Well I know where I'll be doing my Christmas shopping!!! Beautiful!"   Luisa, Toronto


"Thanks so much for repairing and sending my customer's earrings back.  I called her and she is so happy."    RedPepper


"Saidah Baba Talibah - "So Cool" Video (Behind the Scenes)  Saidah Baba Talibah gives us a behind the scenes look into her brand new video "So Cool".


"I feel sooo great as always talking and chilling with you for a bit! I am excited for my new purchase!!"   Nancy


"I love my gift.  How generous of you."   Fran


September 2011

"Your jewellery has no equal and should grace a lot more magazine covers, editorials and stylin' women!   Glad things are going so  well. you deserve success!"            Joey, Toronto


"Anne Hathaway, Jessica Alba and Christina Ricci rock eco-fashion   These young stars are out and about strutting their sustainable style.  Anne Hathaway, Jessica Alba and Christina Ricci are doing it – and they’re just the latest Hollywood stars to be wearing eco fashions right alongside other boutique-bought pieces, stuff from the Gap, and higher-end accessories in the latest mash-up of high and low, green, vintage and new clothes.

Christina Ricci is on the cover of this month's NYLON magazine, and her color-pop outfit is topped off with Dandi Maestre swinging sixties earrings made from shell (so they're light on the ears, too). All of Dandi's jewelry is big, extreme, and fun to the max, proving that natural materials don't have to look like hippie jewelry. The designer sources all her materials from the natural world, and checks into the origins of each of them, using only reclaimed shells (never endangered), shed antlers and renewable Amazonian seeds in her dramatic creation." Starre Vartan, Mother Nature Network


"I was in new york a few weeks ago tooo and my lord if you knew how many people i gave your name and number tooo cause they all loved the rings and bull horn bracelet i wore!"       Nancy, Toronto


"I have been meaning to write and let you know that my sisters loved their antler slice necklaces. I had mine in Tanzania too and we got so much compliments."      Karen, Toronto


"yes, they are antlers on  my neck and ears, done by an amazing local designer, Dandi Maestre."  Amazing singer Saidah Baba Talibah says about her latest music video.  SO COOL


"First of all, this cover outfit is the weirdest, COOLEST interpretation of a 1960s secretary transported to a '70s disco future. Look at those chevron striped ASOS shorts! Very Studio 54 a-go-go, no? But the office-girl Moschino shirt is clearly BEGGING the shorts to go to bed early, which is cheeky and cute. The pink Dandi Maestre earrings have us questioning our nearly constant usage of studs in favor of MEGA-DANGLES for fall, too, and the guitar takes this entire discoing secretary look and fast-forwards it straight to the urban indie paradise of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, circa NOW."   Style MTV



"The shoot went amazing!!!      Sonja 


bloggy   "The October issue of Flare features the work of our very own Tony Masciangelo! He did hair and makeup on model, Cailin Hill, for the editorial feature “Beyond Borders”. The idea behind the shoot was to define the international woman through a Canadian lens; no small initiative. To show that Canadian style has vision and relevance on the world stage.

We recommend that you dress a little more agressively when you want to wear messed up hair; think, a dash of rock-n-roll, we love the bone-style Dandi Maestre necklace featured in Andrew Soule’s photos."     The Alcorn blog


"Aunque imposible no tener una conversación interesante con estas mujeres cosmopolitas pero esencialmente Barranquilleras.. Dandi Maestre, diseñadora de joyas radicada en Canada y la presentadora/periodista Silvia Pumarejo... compañia inmejorable Esencial Barranquilla blog 


"I wore the white cuff with brass to a taping of So You Think You Can Dance and Tre was wearing a bandage dress that just cried out for it so I lent it to her to wear during the show. It looked FABULOUS on camera on her and she gave me a shout out for lending it to her. So there, your work has made it on national TV again."    Rita, Toronto


"I dont think I can come up with a word to explain just how epic and amazing your pieces are"        Allysa Hollywood, Toronto


"We get to hang out behind the scenes with stylist Dwayne Kennedy of the Fashion Collective (follow their tumblr!) and Toronto photographer Miguel Jacob. This shoot is out of this world with all of the Mark Fast, Jeffrey Campbell, Carole Tanenbaum and Dandi Maestre wares. " Je suis TV Check video


June-July 2011

"Dandi Maestre is taking raw materials and making bold statements with her jewelry. Every piece is exquisite!"    Mirrow Lounge



"Latin American Vibes - Dandi Maestre. I came across them today whilst doing a bit of trend research and they match the SS12 'Argentina Past' trend direction we are doing at The Trend Boutique perfectly."   Pip-Box blogspot


"Cada dia estoy mas y mas feliz con tu diseño!!!!     Claudia,



"If you like super-statement jewelry made of unusual materials, hie yourself over to Robin Richman (2108 N. Damen) today. The boutique is featuring the work of six exceptionally creative jewelry designers: locals Sophisticated Science and Fraudulent Animals, as well as Brazil's Regina DabDab, Canada's Dandi Maestre, India's Meenakshi Dash, and New York's Darcy Miro. An exhibition opens at noon and there's a cocktail reception with the designers from 5 to 7 PM."  Chicago Reader

Antler circle necklace by Dandi Maestre


"Just wanted to let you know that I am very happy with the jewelry."  Fran, Connecticut


"Discover Six Intriguing New Accessories Designers This Thursday Love introducing your friends to new designers? Then head to Robin Richman this Thursday for a reception show featuring new work by six unique jewelry designers.

The lineup comprises Chicago-based Sophisticated Science and Fraudulent Animals as well as artists from further afoot, including Regina DabDab, Dandi Maestre, Meenakshi Dash, and Darcy Miro. Special vignettes will showcase each line's unique aesthetics, from NYC-based
Darcy Miro's sculptural, abstract cuffs to Toronto-based Dandi Maestre's avant-garde antler necklace
."  The Feast




"We are looking forward to having your fabulous jewelry at Red Pepper."   Red Pepper, Connecticut


"Ran into Dandi Maestre at Metro last night. Such an amazing creative force!! Just talking to her on the canned food aisle gets u inspired." Twitter - juancarlos_ga



"Jeanne Beker Book Launch - Fashion icon Jeanne Beker launched her latest book, Finding Myself in Fashion at a cocktail at the Bata Shoe Museum, which featured a few items culled from Beker’s shoe collection. BookBook/party lovers turned up appropriately well shod for the venue.

Wild things: Beker’s party shoes , Beker’s museum shoes and jeweller Dandi Maestre’s own design in faux zebra. "   Rita Zekas Tom Sandler blog 


"I wore your necklace this week and received many compliments. I do want to make my way to your store as I would love to see more of your collection."     Natalie


"I really want to own a piece of Dandi Maestre jewellery. I love the natural, organic look of her designs."    Septembre Anderson, blogger


Design influence - New Mythology "New Mythology is a very new trend. Fashion designers are also echoing this trend, mixing elements from naïve and tribal cultures with urban influences. Jewellery designer Dandi Maestre creates magical charms based on amulets and talismans that have a special natural energy. In a time when people feel everyday experiences are often superficial and dull, ‘New Mythology’ provides a way to pervade objects with meaning and soul."      SeymourPowell, Trends London



"COUP de COEUR : Dandi MAESTRE - huge, bold & wild  The  work of Jewelery designer Dandi Maestre, who's influenced by indigenous and tribal cultures around the world. Crafted from organic materials such as antlers, bull horn, rough amber and emeralds, reclaimed wood, natural seeds and nuts, elements found on shores, in rivers, jungles and forests     BijouContemporain blog


"And the winner is...The green beads! Thank you again so much Dandi for the extraordinary loan of the pieces to try at home. When I put the dress on with the heels it became so apparent which was right."       Pam, Toronto


DANDI MAESTRE'S JEWELLERY -"I BElIEVE IN INDIVIDUALITY”   What it is; Her jewelry and accessories reflect her passion for organic elements and is influenced by her long career as a graphic designer. The materials Dandi uses are coming from all over the world. She makes necklaces with big beads, chunky cuffs and bracelets, huge rings and unique charms. The pieces are all energetic, simple and with an exotic touch.

Why it’s cool; I think it’s cool because it captures the beauty of life in one little piece. Every piece has it’s own story and is unique. Besides that it’s made out of recycled or natural materials, so it actually brings something to the world. Every single jewellery is a piece in the circle of life, nothing get wasted and it reflects the beauty of nature, and the way we should care for it."  cciInthecity blog


"I wore the necklace with the antlers to the White Knight fancy schmancy fundraiser and got tons of kudos. I need some cards to give out instead of writing your name on scraps of paper."   R., Toronto


"I certainly had fun! Thanks."      Marijke, Toronto


"It turned out beautiful! "  Corey, Toronto


"I saw the new shop Dandi, fantastic! and what a pretty facade...I didn't even know it was there! Congratulations. x"   Paula, Toronto


"I have worn the ones I purchased and gotten compliments from both women and men! Earrings are just fabulous!  Tina, Washington


May 2011

Jessica Jensen (JESSICA_JENSEN) on Twitter   Nice to see fellow Canadian designer Dandi Maestre featured on @WGSN !


"Your jewelry is FABULOUS !!!!!!!!!   Bijou_Contemporain blog,  France


"Inspiration – Extreme jewelry  I believe in individuality, I’m inspired by organic materials as they speak to me. It’s all about the experimental, I design extreme object, bold and beautiful, pieces of sculpture rather than jewellery that create breathtaking statements.” Dandi Maestre    Dandi Maestre started making jewellery at the end of 2006 and her first collection was carried by Holt Renfrew. Her jewelry and accessories reflect her passion for organic elements and is influenced by her long career as a graphic designer. For us her work is a real inspiration because it’s so pure and real, what do you think…?"    Sold Out Forever blog, Netherlands


"Just inquiring if you have any new fabulous outrageous pieces in. I noted the starfish necklace on the card you enclosed with my items (all exquisite) from the NY gift show which intrigued me.  Any available?"         Susan, New York


"Received earrings. Fabulous! And love the gift, thanks. Best"            – Tina, Washington


"I was in the room yesterday at the bay and these women loved my rings from you!!! I sent them your information! I saw your display last week at the Art Gallery! look fantastic!  great job my friend!"             Nancy, Toronto


Is The Porsche Boxster Spyder The New Cool-Kid Car?  Judging from a spread in the forthcoming issue of Bullett, maybe.Photographer Eliot Lee Hazel shot a black Porsche Boxster Spyder for the new culture magazine outside Palm Desert, Calif. The look: A “Golden Summer” road trip by two distractedly chic young women.

On the sartorial side of things, Creative Director Sah D’Simone styled Givenchy, Missoni, Moschino and Agent Provocateur with jewelry from niche and local brands like Dandi Maestre, Giles & Brothers, Fortune Favors the Brave and Alyssa Norton–a classic move from a magazine that aims to pair up-and-comers with the fashion and cultural elite. The sun-washed shots will hit newsstands June 7, just in time for summertime wanderlust to shift into high gear. My only quibble? The jewelry and clothes are itemized to tiniest detail–bra, rings, choker–but the car goes unnamed. Hannah Elliott, Forbes


Jewel of the day: Dandi Maestre Changing Antler Necklace

Colombian born, New York educated and Toronto based designer Dandi Maestre went from a career in graphic design to jewellery. Her inspiration is the natural world and her pieces bloom with shell, bone, horn and semi-precious stones. They have a raw beauty and often, a large scale. She uses colour to great effect though today’s piece is monochromatic.

This necklace is made of shed antler slices, cattle bone circles and flat bone beads and as shown on the model, has a wild, almost tribal look but I can see where it would look almost like an Alexander Calder mobile when worn flatter and not as high on the neck."   Into temptations... jewellery musings


Natural CALLING - “Wearable brave Jewelry crafted from organic materials is the definition of every piece in Dandi Maestre’s highly celebrated collection. Antlers, horns, raw amber, coconuts, skins and even reclaimed wood take on a new identity in her earthy and artistic hands. The Colombian-born artist began her transformation from graphic design to exotic Jewelry design and never looked back. Based in Toronto, her collections take influence from her travels and indigenous and tribal cultures around the world. “Taking nature as my inspiration, I explore organic shapes found in rivers, shores and forests,” Maestre says. With pieces that already create a breathtaking statement, if these jewels could talk, Maestre is confident in their message: “Nothing last, nothing is finished, and nothing is perfect. Just be real.”  Jones Mag


"The article is AMAZING. They did a beautiful job. So lucky to have your jewelry.” Lynn


Just read the article in Saturday’s “Star” – great article and photos!” Cheryl


Dandi Dandy
I am totally in love with the jewellery designed by 【
Dandi Maestre】.
They jewellery are handmade of recycled organic materials such as horn, shell, wood, raw amber and more at her studio in Toronto, Canada. As you see, Primitive and earthy in very good way. They are not cheap, but I think reasonable price for handmade.
Seems no place to buy in Japan....the
online store saves us!! Now I seriously thinking about purchasing....

You could go an another dimension, if you wearing the headdress above and walking down Omotesando Street.
(Omotesando is like the Yorkville area in Toronto)
Big horn cuffs are quite modern and powerful. so lovely. And please look at the designer. She is really cool!!!!   Addicts Tokyo blog


"Did you ever think that dyed exotic nuts could be carved and made into psychedelic rings? Well they can! Colombian-born Dandi Maestre has made creations like this and many more with hidden treasures that surround us everywhere. Her creations include anything from cuffs, rings, necklaces, earrings and so much more. They are all crafted from organic materials, such as, antlers, bull horn, rough amber and emeralds, reclaimed wood, natural seeds and nuts.

Maestre claims “Each one of my art pieces is handmade from elements found on shores, in rivers, jungles and forests”. However, you’d think that anything found in nature would probably consist of the generic earth toned colors (green, brown, white, or black). Although these colors are present in some of her jewlery she still has a wide variety of color throughout her collections. Her findings have been transformed into unique pieces of art that are both exotic and environmentally friendly."  Green Wala


April 2011

"I spotted Tory Burch wearing Toronto's own Dandi Maestre - hint, it's the gorgeous earrings."   Anita, I want I got blog


"Extreme jewelry      Horn, shed antlers, amber, seeds, coconuts shells, coral, wood, leather, and fiber are only a few of the materials jewelry designer Dandi Maestre uses to make her large and extreme pieces. Through her work she wants to create a dialogue with the natural world. I think her designs are a beautiful mix mix of naive and urban cultures."    Marion Pannekoek, dutch jewelry designer blog


"Wonderful to be yourself!!!! it shows!!!"     Jessica, New York


10 COMMANDMENTS - The Tribe Has Spoken – Tribal Jewellery is in for Spring
Having just spent the weekend undergoing a massive spring cleaning of our closet, we doubt we need to add any more jewellery to our accessory drawer, which by the way, is still overflowing despite our Saturday clean. But with every new season comes a new need to add a few accessories to the mix and for Spring/Summer 2011, our accessory of choice is anything tribal As seen at Proenza Schouler, Lanvin and Yves Saint Laurent, tribal statement jewellery in mixed mediums like metals, woods, gemstones, colourful beads and intricate threading is our new go-to accessory.  
Croc cuffs by Dandi Maestre                         Julia, StyleHog Blog



"Nómadas - Diseños naturales" Nombre de la muestra del diseñador de joyas Dandi Maestre. Joyas de gran tamaño realizadas a partir de materiales reciclados, inspiradas en la naturaleza y las culturas indígenas..."  Fashion Karma Moda blog





"AFRICA & COLORS! - Collezione di bracciali dai materiali naturali di DANDI MAESTRE - Sotto, sempre i fantastici e coloratissimi accessori di DANDI MAESTRE"  Roses Everywhere blog


"My earings just came!     They are perfect....I love them."            Lorain, New York


"Spotlight: DANDI MAESTRE -
Hailing from my favorite continent, the Colombian born designer Dandi Maestre hosted the trunk show for Denis Gagnon as part of the fashion week collaboration. Her unique use of the materials and focus on sustainability displays true talent and inspires a mindset that the world needs now and into
the future".                ME I VI The Blog



"Congratulations on your show with Denis Gagnon!  Stunning!!"   Juliana, stylist, Toronto

March 2011


"TFW Diary: Hits and misses at Denis Gagnon:
Highlights included his incredible sculptural details seen on his bomber jacket, the cool leather and chiffon mixes, the oversized cobweb knits and his statement tribal -inspired accessories (a collaboration with jewellery designer Dandi Maestre)."  Fashion magazine




"Models at Denis Gagnon loaded up with Dandi Maestre reptile cuffs and unique colour blocked shoes."   Flare magazine


"Just came back from Denis Gagnon Trunk Show. His F/W Collection rocks! Faux fur, zippers and jewelry by Dandi Maestre, love it!"Blog




"Toronto: Denis Gagnon’s Cartoon Noir - gothic Lolita meets Harajuku girl."  Flare magazine





"What can you say about Montreal’s Denis Gagnon? The designer is a catwalk triple threat, able to stay true to his contemporary aesthetic, constantly push forward the way he crafts clothes and translate his look to budget-friendly collaborations. What they witnessed was less leather and fur than usual. Those materials became accents on shirtdresses, trench coats and bomber jackets in waxed linen with colourful tulle underskirts and bustles.It was all accessorized with Dandi Maestre cuffs and cocktail rings in horn and natural stones."  Andrew Sardone, Now Toronto


"Denis Gagnon kicked off the day in an early time slot (by fashion week standards) that’s been a point of contention for some of LGFW designers.  A few designers had opted out of the LGFW schedule altogether, choosing to show off-site rather than take the early slot.

It’s All Style To Me had a chance to preview some of the FW11 collection and interview Denis at a trunk show held at jewellery designer Dandi Maestre’s boutique in Toronto’s Annex.  Denis had a great year in 2010 having collaborated on a capsule collection for BEDO, a tribute segment on Fashion Television, and 10 year career anniversary retrospective exhibit at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.  “Mixing, crossroads, fluidity, union, exchange, dialogue, alliances…” are some of the words Denis used to describe his latest collection.  “In a fusion of colours, textures, and materials, the feminine silhouette, endowed with a new profile, is enhanced by this exuberant sensuality found in the sculptural work of Denis Gagnon.”  Futuristic Matrix-like zipped leathers, shaggy jet black faux-fur outerwear, on-trend pleated skirts and dresses, mossy knits, and sensual sheers mark what will undoubtedly be one of the most talked about collections of LGFW.  Incredible collection."  ItsAllStyleToMe Blog


"A very different Denis Gagnon... but one still very worthy of praise and attention. "  FashionablePress



"Thank you so much for the invitation to the wonderful event. I absolutely adore your work." 

With my outfit ready, I was geared to meet and mingle at the Denis Gagnon and Dandi Maestre event. Denis Gagnon is the fashion darling of Montreal and one of my favorite Canadian designers. His clothes are bold and innovative, although the designer himself is shy in person. With his fabulous glasses and fantastic casual outfit, Denis Gagnon was a pleasure and honor to meet. As for Dandi Maestre, she is Toronto’s jewelry darling. With her collection for FW11 is tribal, bold while still achieving a chic and urban feel. Her pieces are definitely bound to make a statement. Due to her stunning vision, her pieces are simply artistic masterpieces."  Marta, With Love blog



"Denis Gagnon Trunk Show with Dandi Maestre
All of the AWESOME< FABULOUS, ONE OF A KIND jewelry that I wear is from Dandi Maestre."  Zingara Italian Gypsy blog



"I did like the colourful Dandi Maestre reptile cuffs, though. That was a pop of colour I could handle."             Hayley Brehl,


"Your collection is really exceptional."                       Mary-Jo, Toronto


"-PeroniModaFiles: -What other Canadian labels do you love?
 -Sarah Taylor: "Mikhael Kale for Life. I also love Complex Geometries and
Dandi Maestre."


"Gagnon, in collaboration with jewellery designer Dandi Maestre, was cool enough host an invitation to touch and feel the FW11 collection and accessories ahead of the big show." ItsAllStyleToMe Blog


"On Sunday I had the chance to visit the Denis Gagnon and Dandi Maestre trunk show at 386 Huron Street. Dandi's jewelry was beautifully displayed on high wooden beams and Denis' pieces were on in the centre of the room. We tried on his clothes and her jewelry, chatted and enjoyed the atmosphere."    Clothes Line Finds


"Sartorial Canadians put their best Fashion forward, to celebrate ELLE CANADA 10th year anniversary in Toronto. Bold colors, statement pieces, dramatic makeup prevailed…

Who: Lara Ceroni Web Editor at ELLE Canada
Key Pieces: Neck piece by Toronto Dandi Maestre and BCBG booties

Miss Sly Blog


"Love my necklace.....get stopped when I wear it!!"              Lorain, New York


"FASHION WEEK PREP: Top fashion insiders give us the scoop on how they survive LG Fashion Week in style.   What I will play with is accessories (those that know me know I'm absolutely fanatical about jewelry). I'm actually trying to budget my finances so I can buy all of Dandi Maestre's recent collection. The entire lot.”   Lara Ceroni - Senior Online Editor - Elle Canada


"Dandi Maestre/Obsession of the Week- There’s a new designer in town and her name is Dandi Maestre.  All over the pages of Flare, Vogue, Lucky, Style and People Watch to name a few, Dandi Maestre is a jewelry force to be reckoned with in the design world.  She takes her inspiration from nature and utilizes organic elements like antlers, bone, driftwood, crocodile and other natural fibres in order to make unique fashion forward exotic pieces.  Some of my favourite’s include her croc cuffs and bangles, horn necklaces, huge stone rings and her croc purses with the antler handle.  If you want to ease into the bright colour trend of Spring 2011, add a shot of colour with a brightly coloured cuff or ring.  Her collection is available at Holt Renfrew, her studio and at various stores in Canada."     Jennifer, Hush Couture


"Lots of you have been asking me what jewelry I wore @ the #ELLE10th: Dandi Maestre. She's nothing short of genius . I was like a rock star last night! I can't even begin to tell you how many people went absolutely crazy for your jewelry...I think out of the 400 people who attended 300 asked me where I got the pieces I was wearing.  I gave away all of your cards (I wished I had more!) and then had people writing your name and info into their cellphones and Blackberries....even the bartenders and wait staff.
I felt so, so honored to wear your pieces; it really made my night...I felt like your ambassador :)"              Lara, Toronto


"Toronto's LG Fashion Week -Must-see shows will undoubtedly include Denis Gagnon's Tuesday afternoon slot."   Toronto Life





"Denis Gagnon - Darling Denis does it again. This time around, he raises brows with the use of (hold the gasp) bright easter egg color. A departure from his usual stark collection, there was still the signature use of noire, zippers and leather. Collaborating with Canadian jewelery designer Dandi Maestre, Denis Gagnon Fall/Winter 2011.2012 collection was an amalgamation of pop hues, textures and structure."   Montreal in Fashion





"Denis Gagnon and his team did a phenomenal job.  Beautiful structure, feminine soft accents and the perfect ode to color made for a collection that felt like a breath of positive air."    Fashionista 514



"I am wowed by the shop.  It's a great space, a little New York in the Annex."              Vivienne, Toronto



"Denis started his show with a good dose of avant-garde black that surely made his cult following giddy. Boot wedges were lined with fur, and elbow-length latex gloves were adorned with oversized, semi-precious stones in bracelet and ring formats by Toronto-based jewellery designer Dandi Maestre. See video   Patricia Majo, Fashion Magazine


"We would like to purchase the piece. We all fell in love!"                   Lee, New York


"I just love your designs!"        Deb,  Rhode Island


"Love your things! You are so talented!"                     Andrea, Connecticut 


"By the way, I was out Friday night with some friends and was wearing my blue turquoise necklace and big black one too, I was at the Hazelton, and woman told me she loved my jewelry ! I gave her your name and website, and at Club Monaco on Bloor, the girl at the till told me she loved my ring, so I gave her your name, she said to me : it must be from France, I said no no she is a Toronto Designer !                   Corinne, Toronto


"I just wanted to say your accessories are absolutely delicious and much admiration to you for creating such unique and distinct pieces."        Aasia, Toronto


"Fascinated with Dandi Maestre  -
There's always something fascinating with one of kind jewelry pieces. Especially those of
Dandi Maestre. Check out my favorite picks!
I'm really drawn to these pieces. There is a kind of allure that draws me in. They are all one of a kind and made from organic and reclaimed materials. In terms of animal-friendliness she only utilizes horns from bull horns, and shed antlers. Shed antlers are from deer and moose that grow a new pair of antlers every year (which I definitely did not know before.) And I am a big fan of animal-friendly/recycled fashions. :) She also refuses to utilize and work with horn and antlers of endangered animals. Anyways, I love them, especially the bull horn bracelets and tagua rings."    Kelly, SourTang blog



"Dandi Maestre’s New ShopWe’ve been a fan of Toronto accessories designer Dandi Maestre for a while now and we’re so happy to hear she got a new shop in the city – 386 Huron Street. Here are some of our favorite pieces. 1505Blog


"OULALA... Vous serez vraiment époustouflé! Belles collaborations avec les Bijoux Dandi Maestre, Mondor, ALDO et possiblement d'autres!!!  Denis Gagnon

January 2011

"Amazing work! We just received the package and we are so thrilled."                      Denis, Montreal


"Your jewelry is really beautiful, I like your jewelry."                         Izabella, Switzerland


"Love you Jewelry... need to check out the men's pieces....."     Kevin, Pennsylvania


"I just wanted to write a quick note to say it was nice meeting you at your store today.  I wish you much success (and your new location is great!). Keep in touch. Best wishes"      Sonya Toronto


"Jewellery designer, Dandi Maestre now has a permanent retail location at 386 Huron Street in Toronto;"   The C Daily


"Dandi Maestre New Retail Location, 386 Huron Street, Toronto.
Canadian jewellery designer, Dandi Maestre has decided to keep the 386 Huron Street location as a permanent retail space. I visited the shop before the holidays, bought some earrings and took some pictures. It’s such a beautiful space and the gallery setup works perfectly for Dandi’s pieces."  (see photos)  I want I got blog



"Dandi Maestre's designs are masterpieces. Will visit her store next time I'm in Toronto."   Miss Sly, Canada


"Ya revicé las fotos y están hermosísimas"  Juliana, InFashion, Colombia


"Got them today.  Marvellous!!  Thank you very much."   Denis, Montreal


"Dandi, it was so nice to meet you and see your store."    Eva, Toronto


"Woohoo! Maybe I can come look for some earrings to go with that cool necklace John & the kids got me for Christmas."  Julie, Toronto


"Dandi Maestre extends pop up store indefinitely. The Chelsea shop on Huron is the perfect space for her bold designs." Vitamin Daily Toronto


"This is awesome. Dandi Maestre now has a retail storefront in her Holiday pop up location at 386 Huron St. It's such a gorgeous space." Geekigirl


"Very inspiring and beautiful imagery though, you should be very proud."  Andy, England



"Your collection stands out in any crowd, large or small. "   Susan, USA


"I must say you have a marvelous website and product!  I adore all that is organic and authentic."  Susan, USA


"Received a beautiful horn ring for Christmas from my husband, purchased at the Art Gallery of Ontario. Such exciting work. Thank you for creating art from earthy materials. Look forward to seeing more of your art. I'm a farm girl and love the horn. Cheers for 2011 and may the universe keep you inspired."      Helen, Canada




"Jewellery heaven at Dandi Maestre"  Anita -  I Want I Got blog on twitter


"At Dandi Maestre's pop up shop and dying over all the beautiful jewellery."  Anita -  I Want I Got blog on twitter


"Dandi - it was really great to meet you this week! I just wanted to  let you know that Natalie loved her necklace. Thanks for the help in choosing such a perfect piece."   Heather, Toronto


"Estás haciendo cosas maravillosas, brillantes y coloridas sin perder el toque  "classy" que a la vez es rompedor de normas..." Lola


"Wearing now my birthday earrings and I love them."   Lynn, Toronto


"Dandi: I love spending time with you. You are one fabulous woman, so talented and awe-inspiring. I love my new horn."  R., Toronto


"Dandi Maestre Совершенство природы (Dandi Maestre - the perfection of nature) Канадский дизайнер Данди Маестрэ(Dandi Maestre) обожает путешествовать. Её излюблеными уголками стали страны Латинской Америки и Северной Африки, там, где ещё жива древняя культура племён. Где люди не утратили волшебную связь с природой и животным миром. Всё, что было увидено, пережито и прочувстовано во время многочисленых поездок по миру, Данди воплощает в своих украшениях и аксессуарах. Браслеты, серги, колье, сумки – всё это сделано из таких натурнальных материалов, как кокос, коралл, янтарь, кожа, дерево, кость и натуральные волокна. Основные цвета – песочный, цвет коры и камня. Как говорит сама дизайнер: « Природа меня вдохновляет и я продолжаю исследовать богатые возможности органических форм. Каждое моё украшение сделано вручную из материалов найденных в джунглях, лесах, реках, гротах”. Эти прекрасные и гармоничные произведения искусства созданные природой и человеческими руками, вы можете найти в Торонто в магазинах Ziliotto Designs и Thieves Boutique, а также в Karan’s Urban Zen Store в Нью-Йорке. Лидия Бардина — Lidia Bardina,  Russia,


"No puedo sino felicitarte por  todo el merecido exito."        Flavia, New York


"For the Love of Pop-Up Retail- again » Dandi-Maestre  - Just for the Holidays: November 22 – December 22, 2010 at 386 Huron Street, Toronto. You have seen her pieces in Vogue, Lucky, Hello!, Flare, Glamour, People Style Watch, Holts Style, The Toronto Star and The Globe & Mail and on Donna Karan, who features her line in her Urban Zen shop in New York. Now you can find all her designs — even her handbags and house wares — in her one-month pop-up store at 386 Huron St. at Sussex Ave.


"Thank you for the ring you made for my mother back in November, she absolutely loved it. She wears it all the time and says she constantly gets compliments.  It was particularly special because she knew it was made just for her."  Jennifer, Toronto


T.O. Sales Roundup: Deals on Dandi Maestre, Hudson

"T.O. Sales Roundup: Deals on Dandi Maestre  - With sales this weekend on jeans, men's vintage and bold jewelry, it's not hard to get into the giving spirit. gives you our top best bets for deals this weekend:

For the holidays only, accessory designer Dandi Maestre opens a pop-up shop on Huron St. Think chunky, ethnic jewelry and unexpected statements.Dandi Maestre, 386 Huron St.



"J'adore: Dandi Maestre's colourful collections"  Roza


"I still have the ring I got last spring and love it."     Basma, Montreal


"All I want for Chanukah is some dandi maestre. (thanks @vitamindailytor)."  Debra, Toronto


"Allan and I are enjoying the pieces we bought last week. All the best"   Toby, Toronto


"super tienda, dandi felicidades x todo este anio!!! Monika, New York


"Wow que espectaculo !!!! Divini felicitaciones !!!  Diana, Italy


"Trang sức handmade độc nhất vô nhị Dandi Maestre"   ViFash, Vietnam


"JOIN THE TRIBE - The great joy of Dandi Maestre’s accessories is that you can pile them on or go minimal. Maximalist will embrace tribal exotica by pairing a boldly coloured woven bag (from $55) with reams of necklaces, (from $90) horn cuffs (from $100) and multi-hued rings ($125). The minimalist will accent her crisp white shirt with the horn ($350) of a South African gazelle, hung simply from a piece of leather.

Indeed, whether you favour cross-cultural clutter or stark minimalism, Maestre’s gallery-styled pop-up shop is worth a peek.  Vivid, vibrant and eclectic – it's the perfect antidote to the bareness outside. Dandi Maestre Pop-up, open through December 22, 11 a.m.–5 p.m. 386 Huron St., Toronto, Vitamin Daily



"Steal & Deals: Holiday Shows and Samples sales - Accessories artist Dandi Maestre has a Pop-Up Store (at 386 Huron Street at Sussex). "  Nathalie Atkinson, National Post


"Get some awesome Dandi Maestre jewellery during her Pop-up Shop, November 22 – December 22, 2010" Anita, Toronto


"DANDI MAESTRE - Accessory designer Dandi Maestre has a knack for bold, statement-making jewellery (antler necklace, anyone?). While she sells on-line, we’re heading to this pre-holiday pop-up shop to ogle the goods in person. From $40. Until Dec. 22. 386 Huron St., Toronto Life magazine


"Dandi, It's a striking space. I wish you all the best with it." A, Toronto


"I’m a big fan of Dandi Maestre’s jewellery. She also has the best lookbooks in the business. They are always so colourful and do a great job of photographing the jewellery. The styling is always perfect and the tribal influence matches perfectly with her organic looking line."  I want, I got blog



"Dandi Maestre Pop-Up store - You have seen her pieces in Vogue, Lucky, Hello!, Flare, Glamour, People Style Watch, Holts Style, The Toronto Star and The Globe & Mail and on Donna Karan, who features her line in her Urban Zen shop in New York. Now you can find all her designs -- even her handbags and house wares -- in her one-month pop-up store."  Fashion Trendsetters



"I do love my new earrings and horn pendants."     Anita, Toronto


"And yes, I love the one with the shells, such a beautiful piece you made!"    Marcy, Toronto


I love my new piece………designed by you…….it is beautiful around the neck…….I will wear it now……"               Billy xo




"Our favorite jewellery designer, Dandi Maestre, is celebrating the holidays with a pop-up shop.  Head over to 386 Huron Street in Toronto (close to Spadina and Bloor) between November 22 - December 22 and shop Dandi’s extensive jewellery, handbag and house wares collection with prices starting at $40.  We highly recommend her unique pieces as gifts or even just for yourself!"  Julia,




"The space is so "you" - charming, open, modern, tribal. Exceptional!!"  Cheryl, Toronto


"Absolutely wild and beautiful"  Victoria, Toronto


"The space is as organically beautiful as her pieces. Congratulations! From one of your biggest fans" Youlanda, Toronto


"Shop Talk: Pop-Up Stores & Sample Sales   Mosha Lundstrom Halbert  - November 25, 2010
Who: Dandi Maestre
Where: 386 Huron St. at Sussex Avenue, Toronto
When: November 22nd to December 22nd
Accessories designer Dandi Maestre will be bringing her wonderfully wild designs, from jewellery to handbags, to a pop-up shop that offers custom styles and unbelievable finds starting at $40. Get up close and personal with Maestre as she crafts her one-of-kind pieces."


"Definitely worth a visit. RT @gailmcinnes: Dandi Maestre Pop-Up Store: Nov 22 – Dec 22"


"love it Dandi...great casting...and great work by Joey as usual! Kudos!"  Michelle, Toronto




"Dandi’s pieces are truly unique, which is why her pieces have been a huge editorial success! The great thing about these unique jewelry is that there are many wearable pieces! Make sure to check out the Dandi Maestre Pop-up Shop now till December 22!"  1505 Blog


"Mostly Canadian Unique Gifts (and other crafty Christmas fairs around town): There are soooo many holiday crafty Christmas pop-up fairs around town in the next few weeks – perfect for buying gifts! I can’t list them all – but here are a few to get you started: Dandi Maestre Pop-Up store"  Toronto Street Fashion web


"Your space is wonderful – very inspiring"  Athena, Toronto




My FAVOURITE jewellery designer is having a POP UP STORE!!"    Zingara Italian Gypsy


"Wow!! awesome!! You rock, kiddo."              R.,  Toronto


The pop up is such a great idea for the holidays, and your announcement was fabulous! Thanks"  Susan, New Mexico


Very Cool Dandi!   I love that building, every time I've pass by it, I always wish it was mine – so glad this beautiful space is being use for something interesting."  France, Toronto


"I received your email about the pop up store, looking forward to coming down to see it. I love the photo……" Victoria, Toronto


"Congrats on the press release! It looks racy, exotic, yet very artistic . . . who wouldn't want to come?"  Toronto


Nada te detiene...besos y gusta gusta mucho!"  Fina, Bogota

First off- your work is great- I will be stopping by the pop-up store- what a fun idea for the holidays!!! '  Lynn, Toronto 


"I love this new bracelet. I am also thinking of getting the black one. Anything wrong with getting the same style? They are beautiful." Jocelyne,  Toronto


"Rock the house girl!!!!! happy holidays"  Terri, Chicago


"I just wanted to tell you how much I love my antler ring and the white bone earrings that I bought from you in your studio. They are so  gorgeous. Thank you for letting me visit your studio."   Victoria, Toronto



"Just picked up the bracelet today. Love it, Love it!"    Gail, California



"Dandi: Ya quede impresionada con la palabra Vogue."  Maria Eugenia, Colombia


"Demasiado divino! De donde te salen tantas y tantas buenas ideas y hermosos diseños!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Fina, Colombia


Mood Upbeat at Atelier Designers
"A resurgence of smaller patterns, many of them in black and white, helped lend a hip, Euro-inspired air to the Atelier Designers trade show at the Doubletree Times Square. Describing ordering activity as brisk, Susan Summa, the show’s director, said activity was best for designers carrying “differentiated” merchandise that updated older styles. “I don’t think we’ll be seeing an upward shift [in price points] for a while, but people are always willing to pay top dollar for something unique,” Summa said.

Colombian-born designer Dandi Maestre displayed her artfully crafted line of jewelry made from natural materials such as horn, bone, antlers, seeds and driftwood. Maestre has a pricy but distinct collection."   WWW.COM -
Alexandra Steigrad


"De compras por internet: Joyas únicas – Naturaleza en bruto – Dandi Maestre        No sé si por la influencia de su Colombia natal, o por sus cualidades innatas como artista, pero Dandi Maestre es una experta creando joyas únicas, originales y maravillosas, de materias brutas, de huesos, de piedras, de trozos de madera y cáscaras de coco. Creo que es mi parte salvaje, mi lado animal, el que se despierta cuando observo estas piezas increibles. Las joyas de Dandi Maestre, son únicas porque se crean partiendo de cada material y no de una idea. La idea surge cuando tiene en sus manos los elementos, cuando se inspira, y de ahí, esta diseñadora afincado actualmente en Canadá, otro país de grandes recursos, saca lo precioso de lo más natural. Lo natural, de hecho, es hoy en día más valioso que lo sintético, y lo único es valioso en si mismo. Por lo tanto lo que tenemos ante nuestros ojos son preciosas obras de arte."  La Salita de Estar


"Dandi Maestre - textile innovations - The designer Dandi uses recycled materials from nature and very often horns and shed antlers to compliment accessories and serve as a dramaticv relation to her interest of making art out of natural materials."  Fashion 101

""DANDI MAESTRE  - Super chunky, primitive jewellery with feet firmly planted in the fashionsphere. Best worn naked i think or with some very striking and expressive make-up." Another Jewellery Blog


I love your work. My father was in the jewelry business for 30 years so I'm a bit obsessed with it. Yours so organic and bold.  Your rings are fabulous too!  Best,   Debra, Los Angeles


"I really love your work! Especially that ring I was wearing...what a statement piece!"   Anja, Toronto


"Teresa received bracelet  -she called today and was over-the-top with her praise.  Everyone went nuts when they saw bracelet on her!  You have a fan club in Abu Dhabi!"   C, Toronto  


"Dripping in exotic colours, crafted by the hands of a passionate artist and designed in the folds of nature’s most curious objects… by now you must know the stunning jewelry of Dandi Maestre. Organic elements are a strong focal point in Dandi Maestre’s work and nature is the primary inspiration. Each piece is yet another unique artistic statement, each new collection is another combustion of emotion. Colombian born, Toronto-based artist, Dandi Maestre, was kind enough to take a few moments to give us insight into her work and where we can go have pick out our own signature pieces..." Lauren Shirrefs more


"I love your line and would like to purchase some things.  Can I purchase online?"   Gail, Palm Springs


"You r hot!!!!!   You are an exceptional designer."    Barbara, Illinois


"Dandi Maestre, a jewelry designer from Toronto, presented her new collection. It reminds me of my selection of photos from the Festival of the Papuans of New Guinea"  Katia Lexx


"Kaleidoscope eyes: working with shoji van kazumi was a dream. he is ever so talented and probably one of my favorite photographers. this was the shoot we did with lori goldstein and stylecaster that i've been dying to post about for a few months now and the time has finally come! i can't even begin to describe the racks filled with the most unreal pieces i've ever been lucky enough to put on. click here for some more pictures and click here to learn a bit about the four bloggers :) this was really an experience i'll never forget! (coat: jay mendel, rings: dandi maestre Blog SomethingNavy


"I received the ring on Friday and it is lovely.  I look forward to giving it to my friend for her birthday! Thank you." Tracey, Texas


"I am so in love with your jewelry! So talented and really special pieces, it was an honour!!"    xx Arielle, New York


"The tribe has spoken Yeah, I just referenced survivor. Get over it.  Isn’t this jewelry by Dandi Maestre just to die for? Perfecto for summer."  Blog Oui Oui


"You are looking at one very large coconut bangle courtesy of Dandi Maestre."
More Clothes In One Room Than You've Ever Seen Before - I wasn't joking about that title. Walking into the StyleCaster offices on the days leading up to our photo shoot for which Lori Goldstein styled four top bloggers, was probably more major than the moment in the Sex and the City movie when Big gifted Carrie the ridiculous walk-in closet. Full disclosure – I cried at that part, so when I make a statement like that, it's serious business. 

With over 2,000 individual pieces including glittering, swinging tank tops, mini Marchesa dresses,
elephant adorned cuffs, spiders rings and retro sunnies called in for the shoot, Lori Goldstein successfully transformed our office space into every girl's fantasy world. To my dismay, I wasn't able to take any of the goods for a test drive myself, but I did get to inspect the merchandise on display, with a very watchful, albeit envious eye. Click through the slide show to check out all the behind the scenes photos of the goods you might have missed! check more

I wasn't joking about that title. Walking into the StyleCaster offices on the days leading up to our photo shoot for which Lori Goldstein styled four top bloggers, was probably more major than the moment in the Sex and the City movie when Big gifted Carrie the ridiculous walk-in closet. Full disclosure – I cried at that part, so when I make a statement like that, it's serious business. 

With over 2,000 individual pieces including glittering, swinging tank tops, mini
Marchesa dresses, elephant adorned cuffs, spiders rings and retro sunnies called in for the shoot, Lori Goldstein successfully transformed our office space into every girl's fantasy world. To my dismay, I wasn't able to take any of the goods for a test drive myself, but I did get to inspect the merchandise on display, with a very watchful, albeit envious eye. Click through the slide show to check out all the behind the scenes photos of the goods you might have missed!

Read The Full Article from StyleCaster
More Clothes In One Room Than You've Ever Seen Before - Fashion News - StyleCaster
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``The ring fits perfectly.  I LOVE IT!!! Thanks, and look forward to more purchases."    Alina, Canada


"I came across this amazing accessory designer while surfing through fashion sites. Colombian-born, Dandi Maestre has been named an accessories genius and A-list designer by numerous fashion magazines. Her edgy and bold style, inspired by childhood spent in Colombia, brings back raw and exotic splendor. I love her ethnic-inspired aesthetic and an incredible sense of color.

Dandi's cuffs, rings and necklaces are crafted from natural materials and are at times unpredictable. Her captivating jewelry pieces made from raw bull horn, rough amber, emeralds and reclaimed wood are unique, artistic and expressive. All you need is just one of these beautiful creations to complete an outfit and draw attention!"  So cal fashion updates


"MEET DESIGNER DANDI MAESTRE: "My jewellery and accessories reflect my passion for organic elements.." Passionately Pinkk


"Here is one of my current eye candy distractions! Dandi Maestre. I can pile up all of these and just hide behind the colors till the end of the flu!       Bobbin Talk blog


"I received my bracelet on Saturday and absolutely love it. It is stunning. "  Tyrell, USA


"I bought a piece of your jewellery  from the AGO today……a beautiful piece…….I was not sure If i could get to your studio……… are a brilliant designer.  I look forward.  I have taken quite a turn to wearing more jewellery  myself after returning from South Africa this past February………….So girlfriend I look at your stuff with wonderful memories of SA…….Cheers!........     Billy


"I love your art!! so inspiring."   Adrienne, Toronto


"I received my ring today and just love it!!  Thanks so much!"   Tammy :)


"LOVE it Dandi- thank you!!! I think your pieces are amazing..."    Tyrell


"LOVE your collection!   Would be happy to meet and feature you!"   Blog BobbinTalk


"A week in fashion: Dandi Maestre is seeing press with items spotted on Milla Jovovich for Gotham Magazine Sept 2010 and in the Donna Karan’s Urban Zen store’s ad campaign."    The Compendium Daily


"A few weeks ago I picked up one of your mother of pearl shell necklaces in green.  Patty LOVES it!!!!"                 Bob, Toronto


"Just tried on tie die evening dress with cuff—amazing!"                          Charlotte, Toronto


"GREEN FASHION DESIGNERS: It’s easy to live a green life now, with all the green restaurants, furniture, home and personal items. And now, even fashion designers have decided to embrace green life and share it with their clients.
Dandi Maestre (Canada) Bor
n in Colombia, studied in New York, worked in Bogota and now living in Toronta, Canada, Dandi Maestre’s jewelry designs is a mix of naive and urban cultures. She uses shed antlers, bone, driftwood, crocodile skins, skulls and shells to create avant-garde jewelry masterpieces."                         Jaclyn Abergas - Be Green Info


"BRAVO for you!!!! Best wishes for an enjoyable and rewarding showing."              Cynthia, Toronto


"congrats Dandi. You so deserve all the success. I remain your number one fan.    ciao, bella, rz xo


"Congratulations!!  It's a pleasure to follow your successes.  have fun in Colombia."            Anna, Toronto


"Excelente!"               Sylvia, Barranquilla


"CONGRATULATIONS!!!                 Alicia, Toronto


""Dandi Dandy -  これは本気で購入検討したいと思ってるのが、Dandi Maestre。カナダ・トロントのスタジオで、水牛の角、貝殻、樹などの 自然素材を使ってハンドメイドで制作されたジュエリーです。" Fashion Addict from Tokyo


"AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW WOW WOW!!!!!"                 Anna B, Toronto


"Ojala pudiera ir!"     Clementina, Toronto


"Gorgeous!!!!!"   Catherine, London


"Objects of Desire: Accessories by Dandi Maestre" Colombian-born, Toronto-based Dandi Maestre’s kaleidoscope of exotic and natural/recycled, oversize tribal accessories are sooo beautiful, –they are works of art. Made from environmentally friendly: beads, horn/shed antlers, amber, seeds/coconuts, shells/coral, wood/leather, natural fibers - Dandi’s yummy creations are inspired by ‘all objects of nature, water, insects, toys, religious objects, arts and crafts, music, the sea and optimism’. To be honest –I sooo didn’t want to share this beautiful accessories guru with you [heheehe], –but as you’ll soon see, -Ms Maestre’s about to blow up [this side of the pond] –and will no longer be a secret –so I thought I’d get there first."     Paulina Fashion et al blog


"I applaud the work that jewellery designer Dandi Maestre is producing in Canada."  


"I received my ring today.   I LOVE it and hope to purchase a yellow one next week!    Thanks again."  Vicky (United States)


"Wild Things - Wild, primitive, and beautiful. I am inspired by her use of raw elements of nature. Being slightly manipulated yet making a bold creative statement. I sit here wanting to walk the banks of the bayou to gather seeds and driftwood to create adornments with raw nature fit for the tribes chief."     Dot Play


"Jewellery Designer Dandi Maestre hand makes these oversized adornments from natural and recycled materials.  The essence of nature and the indigenous and tribal cultures that inspire her can be seen clearly in her work. I love her playful mix of bold colour and more subtle earthy tones as well as the way she layers and stacks her pieces to create a powerful look.  To see more of her work please visit her website


"I just wanted to say how much I loved your updated website. I keep telling everyone about you as I think that your collection is amazing and that they must check your website out!      Kindest regards   Catherine, London


"With neon colors showing their faces in fashions coast to coast, this designer has reclaimed nature into avant-garde jewelry with psychedelic colors. Dandi Maestre is more of an artist when it comes to her designs. Finding nuts, shed antlers, driftwood, and more, she incorporates the organic shapes of nature found to create beautiful accessories.  With her background of graphic design, brilliant colors with a modern splash are integrated into some pieces.

Studying design in New York, mixed with her frequent worldwide travel, has given her an added edge in the realm of sustainable accessories reflecting raw beauty. She is an inspiration for creating through eyes set to see past the ordinary and into the splendor of the detail."    Aubrey Littrell,  Evolve


"I just had to share with you....these rings. This summer has a strong tribal influence. And then, a strong and sweet floral influence as well. These rings and site fit into the tribal elements. I think I want every color:) You know how I love a big ring!  Somehow these spoke to me." Shana Muldoon Zappa,    California


"Absolutely amazing pieces!! I love them all!"        Bianca, Ottawa


"Lovely circles, made out of shells.  Purple.  Mother of pearl.  And, best of all?  Convertible to a choker.  Although I think the last time I wore a choker, I spent a lot of time in my bedroom, singing along to Madonna’s “Like a Virgin” on the radio. But still! Covet & Want 


"I absolutely love your work by the way."         Shantel, Toronto


"I saw one of your rings in a People Style Watch magazine and wrote down the website then saw everything else of yours. Everything is so beautiful and unique. I love it :)”    Thanks,    Nicole


“Hola Dandi and friends, I Would love to order one of these Tagua rings online. I live in Washington D.C. and have no stores that carry your line around here."     Mimi



"I was able to pick up several great pieces of Dandi Maestre at the AGO. Thrilled to be have them - they're awesome!"  Donna


"Holy moly!!! These rings are made out of a nut from the rain forest. LOVE! WANT! NEED!    Lawn Party blog

"I received my gorgeous horn necklace in the mail today. I love it!!! It's perfect. THANK YOU so very, very much for making it for me. For all your time and correspondence. It really means a lot!   Keep making your beautiful jewellery!   All the best!   Jackie (Vancouver)


"Thanks so much for everything when I came by the studio; I really enjoyed our chat I hope I didn’t keep you from your work. And once again I am very happy with me new pieces."    Victoria, Toronto


"Dandi's work first caught my eye last year when she was short-listed for the Ethical Fashion Forum's Innovation award. Sadly, for Dandi, her pieces never arrived on time so she wasn't amongst the winners but in my view, she should have been. Her understanding of the intrinsic beauty found in natural objects and her ability to engage with the native environment around her results in the creation of sculptural objects of adornment which pay hommage to her ancestoral past and her enviable creativity." Adorn London interviews Dandi


"Dandi Maestre's Spring/Summer look book is bold and playful. It will make you go crazy for color as you use these tribal inspired pieces to accentuate your outfit! Through her work Dandi wants to create a dialogue with the natural world ..."  Rocking that bling

"Style crush: Dandi Maestre I was in the midst of some fervent Google Image-ing utilizing the keywords "deer" and "fashion" (I have a thing for Bambis and was thinking of prepping a post on the subject) when I stumbled across the website of this amazing jeweller and my jaw literally fell onto my keyboard, fingers a-twitch, mind mentally calculating how many ££ I have in my bank account at the moment. Toronto-based  Colombia-born jewellery designer Dandi Maestre has created my ultimate fantasy buckwild accessory collection.  The Clothes Whisperer, London



"Green Fashion Designers  - Taking a peek behind the curtains at the shows, we’ve found thirteen innovative and environmentally conscious fashion designers from around the world who show that they can successfully marry their love of the environment with their passion:  Dandi Maestre is a jewellery designer that is the equivalent of a miracle-worker. She transformed shed antlers into an avant-garde necklace, and driftwood into a chunky cuff. She’s also dyed exotic nuts and carved them into psychedelic rings."    Christabelle Tani  Green Times, Australia


"Tumbled upon this native inspired amazement by Dandi Maestre! Her work is absolutely breath taking; her pieces come to life even in the simplicity of black and white."  Paulina (The Circle Dot blog)


"I saw this fabulous jewelry at Atelier in N.Y."   Nancy


"One of my favourites, jewellery designer Dandi Maestre will be showing her wares of statement making pieces crated from shells, wood and antlers. (Seen on the runways of Greta Constantine in previous seasons.)            Chatelaine mag blog


"Throughout the Fall and Winter months, fashion has been on al "all black everything" binge. So of course, the bursts of color that these photos contain are quite the treat!
However, none of the colors are at all sweeter than Dandi Maestre's ethnocentric and very unique collection of jewelry."  Erra of Erre




"Gems, Jewelry, Just perfect.     Edgy and bold, the organic accessories revel in their raw and exotic splendor, inspired no doubt, by Maestre’s childhood in her native Colombia."


"Dandi Maestre. I love the mix of culture and contemporary. Beautiful jewelry."       Peri. (art, in all its forms, inspires me.)


"Gorgeous rings by dandi maestre"


"Your jewelry is fabulous!!! I love it all!"                                       Barbara, San Diego



"Maestre of the Art      Did you ever think that dyed exotic nuts could be carved and made into psychedelic rings? Well they can! Colombian-born Dandi Maestre has made creations like this and many more with hidden treasures that surround us everywhere. Her creations include anything from cuffs, rings, necklaces, earrings and so much more. They are all crafted from organic materials, such as, antlers, bull horn, rough amber and emeralds, reclaimed wood, natural seeds and nuts......"        GreenWala



"Dans le pure style ethnique chic, découverte des collections de bijoux de la créatrice canadienne Dandi Maestre. Bois, coquillage, pierre, ambre, os ou cornes… elle puise ses matières premières dans la faune et la flore pour faire naître des accessoires où la nature est reine!                               the trendy girl



"I’ve been a big fan of Dandi Maestre’s organic jewelrey made from natural materials such as seeds and horns ever since my friend Doug told me about her and we covered her in Wish magazine (RIP). I was excited to see her picking up fans south of the boarder and being featured by both Oprah and Cool Hunter. I was even more excited to see her vivid new ring collection!"   GiveGoodgift





"If there’s one thing that designer Dandi Maestre knows, it’s that you can’t tame nature, so why bother? The former graphic designer plunders Gaia’s backyard for treasures-in-the-rough and crafts them into oversized sartorial statements: shed antlers become an avant-garde necklace, reclaimed driftwood transforms into a chunky cuff, and dyed exotic nuts are carved into psychedelic rings. Edgy and bold, the organic accessories revel in their raw and exotic splendor..."                          Ecouterre



"Obsessed with DANDI MAESTRE Georgeous accessories, incredible campaigh. My birthday's only in 8 months?  Karishma Gandhi for SOLACE



"Ecologicamente grande  Tá super na moda os maxicolares e maxianéis. Daí, a colombiana Dandi Maestre - que é formada em Artes Visuais, mas começou a criar jóias em 2006 - juntou esse fato com a tendência "ecológica" e fez acessórios maravilhosos! Olha mais lá no site dela. Só é uma pena que ainda não venda no Brasil.   Zooks



"Oh mannn... just stumbled upon Dandi Maestre at - makes me want to frolic in an Empire Of The Sun music video."    via web           Camille Aylmer



"I gioielli naturali di Dandi Maestre: Tra le meraviglie della natura ci sono i semi e le bacche, i fiori e i frutti, che la designer Dandi Maestre utilizza come perle per creare gioielli ed accessori naturali. Noci essiccate diventano ciondoli, bacche e semi montati su scarti di sartoria si trasformano in coloratissimi bracciali, pezzi di legno si fanno collane e noci di cocco rivestono ogni donna di esotico splendore. Ispirati alla natura della Colombia, Paese nativo della designer, i gioielli sono realizzati con fibre naturali e prodotti della natura, senza l’uso di additivi chimici e senza arrecare alcun danno alle piante o agli alberi. Data la scarsità di risorse ogni pezzo è realizzato in edizione limitata nello studio Dandi Maestre di Toronto ed è unico, si può acquistare online e sarà confezionato in un pacchetto proveniente da materiali di recupero."                                    



"Once in a while one finds something one didn't know one was looking for.  That's how I feel about your work, and explains why I have bought no jewellery for so long.Your collection lifts the heart, is organic in design and materials, and ticks the recycling box too."      Anne, Australia



"One of a kind design - Born in Colombia, studied at The School of Visual Arts in New York Dandi Maestre is well traveled and it is easy to see the mix of native and urban influences in her work. Some of her pieces are outrageous in size and shape using such a wide mix of material inspiration (bone, wood, shells, natural fibers) it would seem difficult to maintain a simple elegance. But she does."    Mimosopop



"Procurando aliar design e responsabilidade ambiental, Dandi Maestre criou uma coleção de aneis, pulseiras, colares e bolsas que além de lindos e originais, seguem as práticas sustentáveis do trabalho com as chamadas “biojoias."    Ecodesenvolvimento



"From Toronto to London: Antlers are the New Headband Last March during Toronto Fashion Week we raved about Lucian Matis’ Fall 2009 collection, its resemblance to a Midsummer’s Night Dream and of course the animalistic accessories designed by Toronto jewelry designer extraordinaire Dandi Maestre.  Our favorite piece was the crown of antlers worn above and since last March we have seen Dandi’s au natural jewelry in a slew of magazines including Elle, Fashion, Flare and even O.  And it seems we weren’t the only ones who took notice of Dandi’s nature inspired pieces.  This week during London Fashion Week, we were surprised to see a model parade down Topshop Unique’s Fall 2010 runway wearing a pair of antlers that we couldn’t help but notice looked quite similar to the pair we spotted last year in Toronto.  The Topshop antlers, designed by Emma Cook, are causing quite the media frenzy at the moment but we think that it all started here in Canada one year ago with our very own Dandi Maestre!   StyleHog



"Natural materials.Bright Colors.Original.Unique. Love them? I do!       Tyannna



"I found this designer (Dandi Maestre) via a superb newsletter and site (The Cool Hunter) - Dandi is Colombian-born (although lives in Toronto) and has a passion for working with organic elements…  This image evokes exactly the playfulness of the rings – like someone messed around with paint and swirled shapes in the colours and then captured them in resin!"        Dress-Senze



"Mi batte il cuore quando guardo la collezione from this super accessories designer Dandi Maestre"     Birkin, Italy



"Dandi Maestre's one of a kind jewellery designs are clearly inspired by travel and culture.  In fact, a lot of the pieces on Maestre's website remind me of jewellery I purchased in Ghana...only more exaggerated."          First Class Rambling 



"I love love love your jewelry. I am constantly looking for different and funky rings and your rings are stunning.”   Shay, United States



"The jewelry is EXQUISITE!!!!  arresting, romantic, transcendent, original."                     H, New York



"A rather gifted artist."   schoolboycouture




"It's back to nature as tribal influences for an urban culture are found in Maestre's inspired designs. Each design individually reflects the constant energy and strength found in nature through a considered selection of components and how they work together to form bold silhouettes. Every item from the collection has a rare feel and looks like it has been discovered on a treasure hunt rather than made. Never before has organic looked so stylish."                  Fashion 156, London



"I felt like a little kid in a candy shop: so many beautiful things......  :) Anyway, I am very happy with the selections I made and look forward to a long and exciting business relationship with you. It's not that often that one meets someone who understands things the way oneself does. It really was a pleasure......          Eva, Toronto




"What the wild things wear:  Why kill yourself for silver and gold when you can have ivory. Dandi Maestre a Canadian based designer is influenced by all elements of life using raw and natural materials with tribal influences, you can never go wrong with statement pieces like these."   Lady Eloise



"Dandi Maestre's Spring 2010 Lookbook is Wicked"    Trend Hunter


"Natures habits:  Encore scotchée sur le film Avatar, j’ai trippé en me mettant à la recherche de bijoux me rappelant ceux que Neytiri portait. Je suis tombée sur Dandi Maestre. Ces créations sont inspirées des tribus, où la nature et l’énergie  sont leurs principales ressources. Faits à partir de coquillages, de graines et de bois collectés un peu partout dans les forêts et sur les rives, ces bijoux sont conceptualisés de manière à ce qu’ils  aient un air de cultures urbaines. Dandi Maestre démontre parfaitement l’énergie constante et la force qu’à la nature, ainsi que la manière dont on peut la travailler et mélanger si harmonieusement les différentes composantes de celle-ci." Le Ravage, France


"Oh god i LOVE this makeup here! I just add so much more artistry and vision to the jewelry collectioN! I kinda wonna try doing this at home! haha    (the bags are great!)       Miss and Match



"Our fashion and beauty experts give you the lowdown on the hottest trends and beauty tips: Dandi Maestre's amazing jewellery." Trilbey & Natalie- OUR TREND-SPOTTERS REVEAL THIS WEEK'S MUST-HAVES  OK London



"Name the Hottest Jewellery Trends for Spring 2010: Big, Chunky baubles and beads are in. Detailed charms are in. (Designer Dandi Maestre)"                                Anita Clarke



"Beautiful! Love to see great things coming from local Toronto designers!!!          Megan, Ontario



"I saw a picture of Vanessa Williams wearing a Dandi Maestre ring in the February 2010 issue of O Magazine. I was so taken with the ring that I went online to research her jewelry. Need to know more."                      Barbara          



"Lovely pieces. I would love to snag or remake one."   JD



"For the very first time i've seen your work and i think it's amazing, only wanted to tell you.
Wow solo ver esta foto me quedé prendida de los anillos por su colorido, forma y tamaño. Son fruto de la diseñadora de joyería
Dandi Maestre, diseñadora influenciada por las culturas indígenas y tribales de todo el mundo." Tati- That's Momps, Barcelona



"Nothing is Perfect “I believe in what I do”. Dandi Maestre strives to make a dialogue with the natural world through her work, jewelry made from elements found in rivers, jungles, and shores. What a gorgeous lookbook."    Rumors on Richmond



"This woman is talented beyond words."    Juan Carlos  Twitter



"Oh yes Dandi Maestre Spring 2010 jewellery is gorg."                           Anita - Geekigirl



"Dandi: Los,Triunfos  tuyos , son para tus amigos un orgullo! Te quiero y !Admiro!"                           Gladys, Suiza



"I absolutely fell in love. I will definitely keep you in mind with more. Congrats on everything! "  Anna - House of Anna Blair blog








"I LOVE the pieces. I love the bright colours, the shapes, the way they contour the arm or the neck. I especially love the shell on the blue bracelet. Thank you for your time and attention at the show."                            Jocelyne


"It was our pleasure to have your jewellery and most of all your presence at our Pop Up ... Be well and regards."  Barbara Atkin - Holt Renfrew


"At the new Holt Renfrew pop-up store, I love the Christopher Sherman ties, Philip Sparks curling sweaters, the kick ass Dandi Maestre jewellery and silvery hat."                                              I want I got


"I received my package today....oh thank you.  I love both designs and will wear them proudly!    Wanda


"I was at the one of a kind and was so impressed by your jewelry. It was so busy and I was very confused  my friend was in a hurry so I didn’t get to purchase anything, all I have been thinking about is your jewelry. I did get a card from you and went on your website and again I was so impressed I love jewelry and have never seen anything like your collection before. I can see getting addicted to your jewelry it is absolutely spectacular."       Victoria, Richmond Hill


"I have made arrangements to attend the One of a Kind Show in Toronto.  The main reason for visiting the show was to see your wonderful jewellery and to see first- hand, your marvellous designs."                       Wanda, Kingston 


"Thank you so much for sending me the pictures, and I really love them!!! it was my pleasure too to work with you!!!
Thank you for providing me such a excellent opportunity to show another style of mine, and I hope we can work together in the future, because it was really fun!!        Thank you,   Ishie


"As always, I will continue to support your designs - no one in this industry is doing anything like what you do, you have such a unique vision, so thank you for being here." :)   Gail McInnes



Holt Renfrew to open first-ever pop-up shop at Fashion House on King St. W. starting Wed Dec 2nd. Not Christmas-themed. A genderless dept.      DerickChetty


Great opening 2nite @ Ziliotto, 764 Queen W, Dandi Maestre's amazing jewellery artwork inspired by nature. Gift list worthy    verredeleau



"Ever heard of Ethical Fashion? This is fashion with a conscious, fashion that gives back! It’s fair trade and organic practices like these that benefit millions of people in the fashion supply chains. So among many ethical brands, here are a few favourites LaLesso, Dandi Maestre & Hetty Rose Ltd!"                                                                                               8th AVENUE & FORT


"Toronto-based jewelry designer Dandi Maestre makes the most fabulous one-of-a-kind, statement jewelry. Don't have to be skinny to wear it.   Image Beauty Geek  


"Shop right: Toronto’s Magnolia Boutique , the ultrachic store, is celebrating Dressing for the Cause, where you can enjoy one-of-a-kind accessories from Canadian designer Dandi Maestre – including her stunning shed antler necklaces and cuffs.        Fiona Green,  Flare magazine  Toronto



"We received your package, thank you. Our Providence store just opened today, and your jewelry is prominently featured."                 Clad-In      Providence, Rhode Island


"It sounds a bit ridiculous, but these talented designers actually created some unique and exciting designs all from Cashmere bathroom tissue. Love the Dandi Maestre baubles as well."                                                 Kate Daley, Chateleine magazine


"I've been searching for some gorgeous chunky necklaces and have found yours online........................ sheer heaven. Absolutely fabulous."                                                                                                                                      Meg, UK


"My husband must be up to something bc he said to me, "We need to go get you another one of those wild necklaces (your design)."   Maybe he broke something in the house... oh well.  I'll bring him w me to the One of a Kind Show."   Mimi, Toronto


"My partner and I absolutely love the contrasts and tensions inherent in your work -- raw yet glamorous, textural explosions, the pull between material concerns and functionality... absolutely breathtaking!"                                                 Colin Chow   Heist-Toronto


"Think Eco Chic In The Industrial Ages-  Dandi Maestre is one of my favourite jewelery designers here in Canada." DL styling


"A thing of wild beauty: Dandi Maestre"                                                    


"Your pieces are so beautiful! And I love the photography - the make-up makes them look like paintings at first glance."   Breeyn



"I received the most fabulous ring Wednesday You will certainly get advertising from this one. Thank you so much.
You have been great".                                                                                                                
Gail, Winnipeg


"“Curious about the jewellery from our shoot? It's the amazing Dandi Maestre   Twitter by The Style Box  July 2009

"Colombian-born Dandi Maestre channels her South American roots into bold jewellery and bags that celebrate the natural beauty of found materials."                                                            Andrew Sardone  -Canadian Designers directory-Flare Magazine


"Your collections never seize to amaze me, I may have to coin myself numero uno fan xoxo dandi."  Dag Larsen, dlstyling


"Love over sized jewellery and accessories? ... Check out Dandi Maestre"                          


"An amazing show! The tremendous preplanning and time input given to the head pieces and jewelry give this show a very professional and creative edge to many others. The combination of all design elements give this show the appearance of watching 'moving art'. A true pleasure."                                                                          Annie


"I wanted to let you know that you have been mentioned in The Journal of Cool as a hot new ethical designer to watch.
JoC loves your work! "                                                                                                       Journal of Cool blog


"The work of Dandi Maestre in creating ethnocentric accessories is definitely unique, to say the least. You would definitely have to be bold to wear this stuff."                                                                                             The Bizarre and Weird blog


"I enjoy seeing these flamboyant ethnic/nature inspired accessories because I feel like it brings us back to the primordial desire to ornament yourself in order to express one's individuality."                                                              Fashion Pile blog


"I just viewed your line. I think that it is absolutely fabulous!! I love the size of the pieces, the organic materials, the feel of it on…chunky, but not heavy. It’s one of the most exciting things I have seen in ages!"                                        Lisa, Edmonton


"loooving all Dandi Maestre arm pieces.. mmmm"                                            Eva Filomena - Inside Fashion twitter, Toronto


"Once again, wanted to let you know how happy I am with my new necklace.
 What I'm wearing doesn't ever matter because it goes with me."                                                                    Mimi, Toronto    


"Your collection is the nicest I have seen in a long time!"                                                                Cheri, Vancouver


"Its hard to believe that Dandi Maestre once described herself as a minimalist."                                     PinkMafia blog


"I had such a wonderful time trying on all your spectacular are so very talented!
 Oh, I do love my necklace!"                                                                                                                      Elaine, Toronto


"Your pieces elevated Lucian Matis 's collection to new heights."                                                Ms. Sly, Toronto


"Dandi! Your studio and energy made my day! I love love love the earrings and already miss "my" other pieces....;) Anna, Toronto


"I love my purchases. I enjoyed coming to the event and I loved your space. You should have your bookshelves, your desk and your walls all in a magazine. Very beautiful."                                                                                                    Emily, Toronto


"I bow to this woman’s work.  So fabulous, amazing materials, and Canadian to boot."                Cottoncandycupcake   


"Thank you so much!! I absolutely LOVE these gorgeous earrings and this fabulous ring!! I have worn them all weekend – have to dress around my jewelry now!  They are spectacular!!                                                                          Iris, Vancouver


"Fine and dandi:I was at Dandi's studio back in March to pick a few pieces for katya renvko's lookbook shoot for her line desperately different. I felt like a kid in a candy store standing in the center of all her creations-so many pieces I wanted to buy for me, never mind to pull for a lookbook! but I was a good girl and picked out jewelry for katya only (but if I had my way, I would have left with a loot bag of dandi's goodies)."                                                                  Tricia Campbell - stylist, Toronto


"Jewelry drama: Dramatic and bold accessories. Circles, triangles, squares. Big but refined, refined but memorable, nothing wrong with contrast. This necklace and bracelet by Canadian designer Dandi Maestre nails it. The perfect combination of style and sophistication but edgy enough to be functional. Who knew Geometry could be so much fun."       Kimea - Style is life blog


"I love the color, shapes and texture of antlers and the other materials Dandi works with."   resurrection fern blog, Canada

"I sold every single piece I bought from you except the FAB chunky necklace which I'm keeping for myself.  I will be ready to send you another order in June. "                                                                                           Frances, Boston


"Thank you soooooooooo much! I love, love, love my purchases and am happy I even bought the bracelet!! thanks again I am already wearing it!"                                                                                                             Nancy, Toronto


"Thank you again for the beautiful pieces!"                                                                                   Jenn, Toronto


"Got my necklace. love it! Thanks"                                                                                                 Julie S., Toronto


"To say that I am impressed is an UNDERSTATEMENT!!   Congratulations!! "                        Barbara de Jounge, California


"I've worn both antler necklaces with great success.  People even tapped me on the shoulder on the subway, remarking on how wonderful they are."                                                                                                             Cheryl, Toronto


"Your beautiful jewelry definitely completed the look and was fantastic. Everyone back stage loved it and was asking all about you.  I am happy you loved it.   Thank you sooo much for everything."             Sonja den Elzen,


"The show was fabulous and the jewellery impressed everyone.  Every look that came down was amazing. What a way to close up fashion week!!                                                                                          Buyer from Holt Renfrew, Toronto


"Lucian Matis - stupendous collection with bold and dramatic accessories - the work of Dandi Maestre, one of our best accessories designers right now.                                                                    Jeannie Becker, Fashion Television


"Being a true admirer of accessories, and stockpiling bangles and huge clunky rings has become practically habitual for me, I will say the the Lucian Matis show blew me away. Antlers, shells, chunks of trees as bangles, I must say to me it all seemed so glam, so fun, and in the right situations, definetly wearable, or at least in my mind."                         dlstyling blogspot


"Dandi was a perfect match, a marriage made in heaven. "                                                                              Lucian Matis, Designer


"I saw Lucian's show on Fashion Television.  Your work was beyond impeccable.  Congrats! "             Jessica, Toronto


"I find the juxtaposition of refined/sophisticated clothing coupled with raw/organic jewelry to be very aesthetically appealing, it is such a fresh and innovative look.  I'll bet you had fun with that show! "               Lydia Thomann, St Louis, MO


"Your pieces are stunning!!!  you are my favorite jewellery  designer by far... I wish you the best of success... I will be ordering more pieces soon...."                                                                                         Glenda,  Edmonton


"It was nice to meet you today at the One of a Kind show- your jewellery is definitely worthy of that title!"     Emily, Toronto


"Most Improved Designer, you had to stay til the end. Lucian Matis (Project Runway runner-up) was the week's showstopper, presenting a fall collection that actually looked like fall: enchanted forest colours, shadowy satins and florals, separates that looked tailored instead of just...ruffled. And even if you wouldn't wear a stitch of it, you had to appreciate the styling, from the arresting jewellery (Dandi Maestre creations so organic, so bonelike and stark, they looked excavated) to the, yes, real elk antlers. Cohesive, creative, sobered up, and still romantic. "                        Sarah Prickett, Torontoist


"This show was definitely one of the highlights of the week."                                                      


"When you have a dream and a vision difficulties are challenges...   We truly enjoyed the creation of those head pieces, the jewelry was an authentic add-on to the designs and our collaboration with Dandi Maestre was a joy. This is a sophisticated, paired down collection styled with drama."                           Arline Malakian, Associate creative director at Lucian Matis


"Your stuff really rocked the collection.  Congrats! "                                                                               Rita, Toronto




"Fashion Week reflections- Best: The over-powering accessories at Lucian Matis show.          the notorious wallflower blog


"Dandi! what an absolute pleasure it was to wear your beautiful pieces. I felt like a princess : )"    Kimea, model


"Accessories extraordinaire"                                                                                Inside Fashion television program


"I am so impressed with your line. Really great stuff. Strong and great use of natural materials.              Liza, Toronto


"I just wanted to say,  I am in love with the entire collection!                                                     Elaine, New Brunswick     


"Creative minds keep moving"                                                                                            Barbara, Laguna Beach, CA


"Unbelievable!  As always, truly amazing..."                                                                                     Melissa, Toronto


"It was such a pleasure meeting you today as well and seeing you beautiful collection.  After you left, we all were going on and on about how much we loved your pieces!                                                                                     Client, New York


"Outstanding!!! Can't wait to see the jewellery up close and personal"                                                Michelle, Toronto


"I have already started experimenting with the pieces and am loving the results."           David Hou-Photographer, Toronto


"I've spent a lot of time living and traveling in Nepal, Kenya and other parts of the world and your work expresses all the things I feel about where I've been and how I feel connected to the earth."                                     Carolyn, Berkeley, CA


"There is something about your bone and antler pieces, that have such a warm and elemental quality to them. I love wearing them, they resonate against the skin. I get so many comments."                                          Jocelyne, Toronto


Once in a while you find a brand founded on green principles that is not only 100% authentic, but also quite amazing…. Canadian designer Dandi Maestre’s jewellery line is that rare collection…"        Nancy- The Gift of Style blog, New York


"Fabulous pictures! Stunning Design!                                                                                   Yongde Xu, Toronto


"These pages look fantastic but I mostly have eyes for your jewelry. I am loving the pieces that I got before xmas and have to wear something every day. I get comments without fail."                                                      Jocelyne,    Toronto


"Fashion magazine's editorial is gorgeous!  Congratulations "                                                             Erika, Toronto




I love, love, love your jewellery and look forward to adding some more pieces to my collection!"   Kassandra   -Toronto


"I adore chunky jewelry {have for years} if you don't own a piece, treat yourself; you'll feel special each time you slip it on. The funkier, the better, in my book. (Dandi Maestre's amber bracelet)          


"It's amazing"                                                                                                                          Jeremie - Montreal


"Your creations are splendid and gave the perfect touch to our show!"                                          Christine - Montreal


"Your jewellery inspired the whole concept for this shoot"                                                        Kelly - Stylist - Toronto


"Your designs are out of this world!!!"     Frances              New England


"Fantastic job on the Greta show, the jewellery looked awesome."                           Michelle   -Toronto


"Amazing necklace!"  Veronique - Montreal


"I´ve been on your internet page and I´m really amazed, where can I find your products in Europe? "      Claudie  -Berlin


"The dresses were adorned in animal naturalistic jewelry made by Toronto jewelry designer Dandi Maestre. Models wore horn necklaces, wooden bangles, and coconut bracelets.  The natural accessories gave the models the appearance of true amazons."                                                                                                                       


"Dandi Maestre's magnificent necklaces, bangles and bags."                                               Derrick Chetty     The Star


"It is all fantastic!"                                                                                                                          Jen  -Toronto


"Congratulations on the show last night- your stuff looked absolutely amazing!"                              Jessi  - Toronto


"Your pieces looked fantastic at the Greta Constantine runway show!."                                       Flare Magazine


"YOU are extraordinarily talented."       


"Your work is awesome."                                                                                      Stella         Bangkok, Thailand


"Thank you for the amazingly quick delivery (it arrived several days early) and to let you know how much Cheryl loves the ring. It really is extraordinarily beautiful. We'll definitely be buying more things from you."        Robin     Oxford, England


"Lots of prehistoric-inspired pieces that explore the organic shapes found in driftwood, bone, shells and horn. My fave were the oversized clutches with bone handles. Wilma Flintstone and Betty Rubble would approve."    Sarah Casselman  


"The line is stunning!! "                                                                                                                 Strut Magazine 


"Other jewellery can't compare to yours. You so rock." ciao, bella,                                                     rz - Toronto


"YOU'RE THE BEST!! "                                                                                   Kirk Pickersgill   -Greta Constantine


"VERY IMPRESSIVE and INSPIRING…."                                                                                  Oscar - New York


"Dandi Maestre's accessories kick some serious ass. "                                                                   


"I've been searching for an oversized ring for my wife for a long, long time - but nothing's quite seemed right. However, while looking online just now, I chanced upon your website... and almost everything is simply perfect. You're making things which are totally unique - no wonder it's taken me months to find your work! "                                   Robin B. -Oxford, UK


"Your pieces are truly unique - wearable sculpture. Exquisite - so earthy, bold and primitive!"             Catherine - Calgary


"Your jewellery rocks. "                                                                                                                     Elsa - Montreal


"Congratulations...happy for you and very impressed with your organic work."                              Barbara - Toronto 2008


"Congratulations on the article in the Toronto Star. Your jewelry is exquisite - so earthy, bold and primitive!  Best wishes."    Catherine  (Toronto Star reader – march 2008)


"Your work and creativity are brilliant!  I thoroughly enjoyed shooting them."                                                       Arline 


"Bold and different."                                                                                                                     


"Big, bold and bright on the fashion front.  Her designs are bold and exciting and the textures she chooses to work with are fabulously interesting."                                                                                                        Corey


"Dandi Maestre (what an ace name!) takes cocktail rings to a soft extreme with huge finger adornments that are like armour in themselves. Taking away from any clichéd connotations of natural jewellery they’re edgy and tough and would look as good worn with a dinner jacket and silk dress as with one of Jean Pierre Braganza’s futuristic creations."                                                                                                                                   Fashion 156, London


 "I love your work. "                                                                                                                               Amalie, Toronto


"A travel to a dream planet."                                                                                                          Youri, Switzerland


"So Cool!!"                                                                                                                                      Design Milk blog


"The large horn necklace stops traffic. People either love it or are terrified of it."                                       Rita, Toronto


"Beautiful Work!"                                                                                                                   Benna, Ottawa


"I loved all the new things you've added for spring."                                                                 Duane - Tulsa, Oklahoma


"Really interested in the beautiful nuts and seeds as they were so unusual !!"                                            Sarajane


"My sister LOVED the blue necklace and everybody loved your stuff IN GENERAL! Many  raving comments , so you might be getting some emails from my family who will come in and buy some stuff!"                                                  Lana 


"I think your pieces are beautiful."                                                                                          Green Living magazine


"I wear it all the time and am VERY happy. I’m wearing my “Dandi Maestre” necklace today!"                          Sandi


"Amazing...beautiful as always."                                                                                                         Alejandra, Toronto


"We love your stuff. "                                                                                                                 Charlotte, Toronto


"I bought one of your large amber and bone rings.  I loved it is now mine!!! YAHOO!!!."              Glenda, Edmonton


"I look forward to another opportunity to see your work. "                                                                       Cheryl


"I was captivated after seeing your collection."                                                                                         Malorie


"A friend of mine loves your stuff and would like to buy something for his wife."                                                   Shelley


"I got the necklace and it looks just as fabulous as when I bought it. I love it and will be wearing it lots over the holidays and beyond."                                                                                                                                         Jasmine, Toronto


"I love your work. "                                                                                                                                       Sandra


"Diseños absolutamente únicos y especiales."                                                                                       Ines, Miami


"Your jewelry is so exciting, I just feel that we can work out something really great to coordinate it with my bags."  Gail


"Love your pieces!"                                                                                                            Kathryn - Lucky Magazine


"Your stuff is great."                                                                                                                             FashionTribes


"I am so impressed by your line."                                                                                         Muriel  - New Jersey


"Wonderful work!"                                                                                                                     linhardt design


"The pieces were absolutely beautiful. "                                                                                            Glow Magazine


"You produce some very striking and distinctive pieces."                                                                         Matt Brown


"Your jewellery is beautiful and inspiring."                                                                                               RUBE


"Your collection is great, especially the necklaces and bracelets."                                                         Katie Miles


"Lovely stuff. I especially like the pendant and bracelets. "                                                                                  Alan


"The stuff I bought for my family went over very well."                                                                                             Paula


"Amazing."  New York


"Fantastic."                                                                                                                            Lindsay LeDrew    Verity

"Congratulations on your new collection."                                                                                      Gustavo


"Fabuloso!!!!! Sooooo proud if you!!"                                                                                                                    Jeanne


"You rock"                                                                                                                                            Catherine


"As always, your jewellery is stunning!"                                                                                                Erika  -Toronto


"We did see Rita wearing your jewellery and we all went crazy for it. You do spectacular work."      Krista    -Toronto


"Lots of organic material, but keeps it spicy by making her pieces huge and a little bit crazy. I loved it."     Blogger


"We love the chunky gemstone necklaces and wild horn cuffs. Dandi’s designs are earthy, yet sophisticated."  Wish mag


"A piece that gracefully dances the line between art and fashion, this necklace is all at once sculpture, plaything, and badass accessory."


"Pared-down-while-punched-up uniqueness of her singular, artful Jewelry"                                        


"I instantly knew I looked great."                                                                                                           Cambridge Now

"Bold baubles."                                                                                                                                   National Post


"Dandy bib necklaces, massively chunky rings, and even "recycled religious objects" have fashionista-in-the-know written all over them."  Fashion Tribes


"Elegant and unique pieces."                                                                                                      


"Like the look of your jewellery."                                                                                                  Holt Renfrew, 2006



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