horn/shed antlers, amber, seeds/coconuts, shells/coral, wood/leather, natural fibre & more

Shells are found at almost all archaeological sites, digs in ancients China, at ancient Aztec ruins and Native American sites. Shells play a part in religion and spirituality, as well, and have great energy. Our mother-of-pearl shell beads, made from non-endangered freshwater mollusks, are cut from the inside of the shell itself. These beads are polished to get its beautiful shine. Shells make you feel by the ocean, near the sand, the sun, palm trees, and bring lots of good energy.




bare coral Coral makes jewellery of a very special fascinating charm: the perfect embodiment of mankind’s yearning for summer, sun and faraway seas, irresistible on bare skin.
Corals need not necessarily be red, although the name “Coral“ denotes a pinkish-red color. Nature creates Coral in a wide range of shades and hues from red and white and blue to brown and black. Most coveted are the red shades, ranging from palest petal pink via salmon to deep velvety red. The chosen colors are currently black Coral and golden Coral, and extremely rare the blue variant.  We are also loving the rough coral that comes to the shore and is not endangered.

For ages now Coral has been used as jewelry and worshipped as a protective charm. Nowadays Coral is still used as a talisman in many cultures in order to ward off evil spirits. The modern teachings of healing with gemstones appreciate Coral for its positive effects. Coral is reported to soothe fears and tensions, and to encourage positive ways of living together.