horn/shed antlers, amber, seeds/coconuts, shells/coral, wood/leather, natural fibre & more

RECLAIMED WOOD/ DRIFTWOOD Wood is nature's most versatile material and for centuries has been used both structurally and as a decorative element. Reclaimed wood is used wood that has been taken for re-use. We love its unique appearance, its strength, and durability and specially the green aspect of it.
Wood has been around since time began and it offers a fascination, beauty and complexity in the grain, that often shows in our work.
We love the rawness and textures of reclaimed wood and also of driftwood, all from fallen trees.


LEATHERblack, red, green, yellow, bronce, brown – Leather is one of the oldest materials used by man and has unique material properties. It is breathable, it retains humidity, and it has tensile strength, elasticity and resiliency. Our leather cords are made of real cow leather and are very beautiful.
We are also working with skins with unique textures.