MATERIALS  - natural fibre
horn/shed antlers, amber, seeds/coconuts, shells/coral, wood/leather, natural fiber & more


NATURAL FIBER–  The world is mega-diverse in natural fibers. Many cultures are dependent on the diversity of plants for use in everyday life. Conserving these ecosystems is critical to the development of sustainable livelihoods for theses countries. As a development tool, crafts make a huge impact, and the governments of Andean Nation’s know it. No other industry has the effect on poverty alleviation, self-sufficiency, women’s empowerment and the multiplier impact than crafts. So many people are affected when raw materials are cultivated, sold, value-added by the hard-work of artisans and sold again. From the natural fibres raised with care to the natural dyes used to color them to the equipment purchased to increase quality and production capacity, a dollar spent in craft development “packs a punch.” That is why the Craft fair was an achievement in itself. We have been working with crafts people from different regions in South America.

The natural fiber we are using is called iraca, comes from the leaves of a plant similar to a palm tree, grows on tropical forests and has been traditionally used to manufacture the Panama hat. Our unique designs, large and simple in natural and bright colors, from natural dyes, are very special.