horn/shed antlers, amber, seeds/coconuts, shells/coral, wood/leather, natural fibre & more

HORNHorn is an organic, rich and durable material. Behind its course exterior hides a breadth of rich colors, tones, and striations that, through a long process of cleaning, cutting, polishing, and buffing, can be discovered. From the very beginning in diverse cultures, we find a narrow relationship between man and horn. Usually used in amulets to preserve fortune, or as a fabulous aphrodisiac, we find the horn in old Greece, also in the Viking’s helmets and the American amulets of the powerful shamans.

Horn is part of our uses and customs. Horn is biodegradable and its main component is calcium, a vigorous natural nutrient. During the process of elaboration of our horn products we do not use any chemical product. We use black and light horn for necklaces, bracelets, rings and key rings.
Our one of a kind oversized horn rings add a special energy. Horns have long been used for many
purposes and carved pieces of horn have been found dating from prehistoric times. In art and religion horns symbolize power. In animal courtship there are specific species that use horns in displays of attraction.

SHED ANTLERS As deer and moose grow new horns each year, we can use its horn without injury or death to the animal. Check this if you are interested in learning more about how animals shed their antlers each year.

We will neither buy nor work any horn from any endangered species.
We work with bull horn and shed antlers from deer.